A Twofer: Would you be in a reality show? Want to be Famous?

Doesn’t look like reality shows are going anywhere for a while - at least, not as long as there are people willing to have their lives watched and scrutinized and enjoyed as entertainment. Would you be willing to have cameras follow you around, documenting your every move? Does the type of reality show matter? Extreme Makeover, yes, Big Brother, no?

And on a similar count, do you have any desire to be famous, or would you rather live your life quietly and in relative obscurity?

I think I’d do a reality show if it were “right”. I’ll probably never even sign up for one, but it’s not an idea I’m adverse to. And while for the first 30 years of my life, I never even considered that fame was something I was interested in, but recently, I wouldn’t mind having a little celebrity to my name - though nothing on the scale of the Brad Pitts or Julia Roberts of the world.

I was once invited to audition for a reality show, for reasons that might be best kept to myself. I turned it down. :slight_smile:

My sister and I would like to go on The Amazing Race. We get along very well and she’s travelled the world her whole adult life, until she got married and had her daughter. She still travels, but not as much. I don’t want to be famous, but I really doubt people would assosiate a random person on the street with someone they may have seen on TV, so I don’t think that would be a big deal.


I wouldn’t mind being on Survivor, but I wouldn’t want to do any of the shows that show me in my home, or at my job, or any kind of makeover, be it extreme, or home, or whatever.

I wouldn’t turn down a new house, but I would detest the public attention. I’ve
always wanted respect, and possibly a bit of admiration, from my peers, but I’ve
become much more private and solitary as I get older.
I rarely watch any of the reality shows, they just don’t hold any interest for me. I see
most of them as being based on manipulation, which I find distasteful.

I can’t think of an existent reality show that I’d agree to be on except at gunpoint, but I’m sure I can imagine one if I tried.

As for fame - well, my dream is making a living as a writer, which kind of carries fame with it. I would love the kind of fame where you get fan mail and occasionally a fan comes up to you in the street to shake your hand. The kind of fame where you’re in the press all the time and paparazzi are after you and every word you say is twisted around and personal (if wrong) details about your life are in newspapers as if they were news… absolutely not.

What, and put myself up for the kind of snarky commentary assholes on message boards dish out? :wink: No thanks!

Nope. No way, nope, no freaking chance, not one bit. Not that anyone would be interested in my life anyway, mind you. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, and no. I would, however, like to be rich. :slight_smile:

The Amazing Race is the only one I’d consider. That looks like a LOT of fun, frankly.

And the only way I’d ever want to be famous is if I’d actually accomplished something of benefit to humanity.

I would probably do a makeover show. Not the one with all the plastic surgery, but the one where you get $5,000 to buy new clothes? Hell yeah!

No effing way would I do a dating show.

Survivor and Amazing Race look like fun–but I wouldn’t want the cameras following me around and showing all my doofus moves to the viewing public, so I’d have to decline.

I have no interest in appearing in a reality television program.

As for the question of fame: I don’t want to be famous, but I’d like to be powerful.