Really check out your Pac Bell bill this month.

I know you guys are already sharp and a lot of you may already be on to Pac Bell’s latest scheme, but just in case you haven’t read about this I’m posting a link to a story in today’s San Francisco Chronicle:

Pac Bell Telemarketing Opt-Out

Some pertinent info from the story:

In other words, check out everything in your bill - if you don’t “opt out”, you may be unwittingly signing up to be telemarked to death. I’ve been reading some of your postings about the deceptive ways phone companies get you to sign up for crap you don’t want (belated thanks for all the tips and warnings, BTW), so I’m hoping this might help someone else.

N.B.: At the end of the article is a phone number and a website to go to where you may “opt out” in case they’ve already snagged you.

I always closely examine my SBC Pac Bell bill. I have had my new phone number for 3 months, and all three bills have been wrong! Like charges for services I don’t have and have never ordered. Different things every month.

Pathetic weenies.