Really crappy newspapers.

There’s a free newspaper that is distributed throughout Melbourne during the afternoon peak hours that has maybe one bit of ‘important’ local or international news, and the rest of the pages are filled with complete drek.

Picking it up today (just for the crossword, really :smiley: ) I came across this wonderful article about a woman who had developed an international business through the creation of a goats-milk soap to treat dry skin:

Whoever proof-reads this crap should be given a severe punishment…like going out and milking a billygoat for starters. :smiley:

Perhaps the nannygoats were on strike? :slight_smile:

We get those crappy commuter papers in Sydney too. I very much doubt that they’re ever proof-read.

Have you ever looked at the “interesting facts” that are printed at the bottom of the pages? I’ve lost count of the number of those that I’ve read that I know for certain are simply not true.

Haven’t noticed them, I must admit. I’ll keep a special lookout from now on though!!

One other thing that pisses me off no-end is that MX will have a funny/strange but true snippet in their edition (evening), and that same story WORD FOR WORD will be the ‘ODD-SPOT’ on the front page of my daily broadsheet the following morning. :rolleyes:

Either Fairfax and MX have some cuddly relationship, or MX has never noticed that they are being ripped off royally.

Maybe her definition of ‘milking the goats’ and yours differ somewhat. :smiley:

The Gold Coast Bulletin is probably the worst excuse for a city newspaper that I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. It’s little more than a daily lifestyle magazine with bitching about the City Council, Hoons, and Parking Meters on the front page. The rest of the paper is taken up with pictures of beaches, shopping, fashion, and general “Why it’s great to be rich and vapid and fashion-conscious and live on the Gold Coast” type stuff.

The Courier-Mail also deserves a hearty bitch-slapping for switching to Tabloid, sorry, “Compact” size. What is supposed to be Brisbane’s main Serious News Paper now looks like something that should have attractive, topless women on Page 3 (although that would certainly boost their readership and circulation figures if that were the case… I wonder if Rupert Murdoch’s looked into it?)

Not that I read the paper anyway, unless someone’s left one in the staffroom at work. I’ve got an Internet connection for my News and Information needs- as do most other people these days.

One of my prouder moments is having a leftist actually refuse to sell me his party’s paper.

He’s a member of the Spartacist League, and used to try to flog his paper at work. I occasionally felt sorry for him, and bought one. Then a friend and I discovered what comedy gold lay in their sloganising headlines, things such as SMASH THE TOWERING RAMPARTS OF THE BOURGEOIS OLIGARCHY!, and sundry other things, usually written in the imperative, and starting with things like SMASH, TOPPLE, etc.

Last time I tried to buy one, he asked me if I merely intended to laugh at the slogans, and declined to sell me the paper. :smiley:

Now if I could only have the same success with the Jehovah’s Witnesses…

In all honesty it’s more likely that they buy this list of ‘fun facts’ from the same source. Syndicated columns like this and ahem a certain know-it-all columnist are common in the publishing world.

They all scour the internet for stuff, like anybody else, these days …

They are comedy gold aren’t they? Especially with their overuse of the exclamation point, usually in a spot where it seems out of place.

genuine example

Don’t Be Fooled, General Motors-Delphi Is Out for Blood!

I used to send out office emails written in the same style. Sure get’s their attention when the Glorious Social Club announces the Annual Christmas Party! Join Now! And Receive Complimentary Tea Club Privileges!