What's your daily paper

I get the New York Times, which I cherish. What a country, every day I wake up and the whole damn world is sitting there for me to digest at my leisure. My mother gets the Times and the Wall Street Journal and delights in sending my articles she knows will rile me up.

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Boston Globe


… and no, I’m not really happy. I didn’t name the dang site.

The Tampa Tribune, but just for the comics.

Richmond Times-Disgrace…er…Dispatch for local news and a peek at the editorial page if I need to see what the lunatic, reactionary, John Birch Society, right is thinking (it also helps to raise my blood pressure several degrees).

The Washington Post for everything else.

That’s funny…the daily paper…

Here in Helena the “daily paper” is the Independent Record–which my witty husband has renamed the “Insufficient Record” because it’s true. We both go online to get the majority of our news. I miss the smell of good newsprint, but what are ya gonna do?

There’s not a really good paper in the whole state and we’ve renamed most of them:

Bozeman Daily Chronicle–>Daily Dissapointment
Butte Standard–>Butte Substandard

And the like…hee hee! IT’s fun!:stuck_out_tongue:

montana, I’m happy to inform you that the NYTimes is avilable for delivery in Helena, MT for $6.90/wk Mon-Sat. Here’s a link if you’re interested. I believe other papers deliver nationwide, but none as good. :wink:

The Post & Courier (Charleston, SC), which is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year.

We get the NY Times here, but I don’t feel like paying $1.50 for it.

The Globe and Mail here.

May I suggest Google for your online news… there are no agendas there :slight_smile: ( It was recommended to me and I think it is great)

Also, if you are going online, check out the BBC (Britian), CBC (Canada), and your NPR.

I won’t get into how vile CNN is…

Hoo Boy! Do not get me started on my daily newspapers.

Los Angeles Times.

It’s the local paper. It’s… fine. It’s not my only source of news, but it’s normally the first one I come into contact with each day.

How many people have actually started getting the bulk of their “real” news online? I have my homepage customized so that the first thing I see in the morning are the New York Times Headlines, Reuters, AP etc. It sure has helped broaden my news knowledge!

I’m mainly online. National Post, Toronto Star, CNN and the BBC. Lots of views and quickly too.

Then there’s always the SDMB for the latest breaking news.

Better be careful montana cricket. You’re in danger of becoming this guy.

Grey… no offense (and by the way… come to Ottadope!) but the N Post is drivel… though not quite as bad as CNN :slight_smile:

Now THAT’s funny. In actuality, it Echo23tc’s fault that I got started doing that…he has a twist for every name it seems!:smiley:

We’re a bit fanatical about newspapers. We get three.

The Argus, our local paper, to get the local news.

The San Jose Mercury News, an almost local paper, for tech news, and because it is a pretty good paper.

And the NY Times, because it is the world’s best English language paper, and because I’m from New York.