Really good inkjet-printable stickers?

Ok here is what I want to do: I need to make some stickers that I can print with my inkjet printer, preferably clear stickers, which I can then stick onto the keys of my laptop’s keyboard and have them not peel off after a week. Ideally they’d also not have the printing rub off either, but if they’re clear I could always put a blank one on top of the printed one.

I know it sounds stupid, but I want to print out a little Windows logo and put it on the Apple key of my MacBook Pro. See, I have it dual bootable and usually run it under Windows, and the Apple key is mapped to be the Windows key. The option key is the ALT key, but it actually says “alt” in small letters above “option” and so both for clarity and for consistency, I wanted to put the little Window above the apple.

But I don’t want to just buy some clear labels at random and find out later that I got the crappy ones and that there was some amazing brand out there that I could have gotten if only I’d asked.

You only need one sticker? Why not just print out the logo and stick it on the key with Scotch Brand Invisible Tape, or a strip of box sealing tape? Be a lot cheaper than buying a whole box of some kind of Avery labels or whatever. And it’d probably last just as long as an Avery label.

Well I would use them for other things (labels are extremely handy) and so it’s not like the rest would go to waste. And I don’t want to print it on paper and then tape it to the keyboard as that would look lame having a little square of paper taped to a key. I’m hoping to use a clear label and trim it accurately enough that it isn’t obvious that the logo isn’t just printed on the key same as the apple one. Using paper would also add extra thickness and have less of the surface area that was actually adhesive, so it would be much more likely to come off. And I know how well tape sticks to keyboards, that is, very poorly. I’ve done it in the past for other things (for example, taping cardboard over the trackpad thing. I always had to replace the tape quite often).

I really need a good quality inkjet printable label. I just want to know what ones are likely to have the most durable adhesive.