recommend me a cheap place to get personalized window stickers made

I am looking to get a number of window decals made for the college republicans… I just want it to say “Conservative” in blue letters. I am talking about a window sticker that is temporary (No jokes here please) like a university sticker that you can move from window to window… make sense?

Sounds to me like what you’re looking for aren’t stickers, but “clings”. Any printing company that sells promotional items should have a reasonable price for these - the only name I can think of at this very second is Amsterdam Printing, out of New York, because I ordered promotional stuff for my daughhter’s school frm them, but I’d imagine any local printer could pull this of, too.

Or - Avery labels (which you can get at any Office Max or Office Depot) makes blank clings you can print on your computer at home, if you don’t need thousands.