Creative solution to a stick-it question

My wife saw a bumper sticker that so enthralled her I had to order it online.

“Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot”

But now, instead of sticking it on her bumper like anyone else would, she wants to
apply it to her rear window, but in such a way that it doesn’t leave a gooey residue when it’s removed.

It’s small, just 10" wide by 3" high.

I’ve considered scotch tape, of course, but chances are, someone here will suggest something far better. And I’m sure Bush lovers will be only happy to tell me exactly where to stick it. :slight_smile:

Avery, along with it’s countless other printable products, sells "window cling material. Perhaps you could stick the sticker to the vinyl sheet and trim it with a border of the cling surrounding the sticker.

If she could be dissuaded from the window route a number of catalogs lately have been offering a blank bumper sticker sized magnet forfolks who don’t want to adhere stickers to their cars.

What a wonderful answer! Thanks so much for both tips.