Really 'locked up' facebook people

I know people have varying amounts of access, but I have one relative who was REALLY restricted. She had a photo available, but nothing else on her page. And I mean nothing. She even had the ‘send message’ and ‘add friend’ tabs turned off. I was able to send her a message thru to send me a friend request, which she did–but even then, she still has her friends list hidden. Maybe it’s just me.

That sounds like me. But I don’t have a picture, and I have it so I don’t come up if you search. If I want to be someone’s Facebook friend, I’ll find them.

I know people who’ve had to put those kinds of restrictions on their facebook profiles to deter stalkers and borderline-stalkers.

And if anyone you want to be friends with does the same thing, you are absolutely cut off. At that point, I’ve never understood the purpose of even having a Facebook in the first place.

Well, I didn’t until I saw how many people are addicted to the apps.

Yeah… did you hear about the 22 yr old mum shaking her baby to death because he was distracting her from farmville? Crazy stuff…

Why bother having a facebook account at that rate? I’m all for privacy, but when everything’s so locked down why bother? I bet when she goes to the bar she spends the entire time in the bathroom. “But I’m socializing! I’m at the bar!”

I’ve got a friend who locked down his profile for that very reason – yes, he was stalked IRL by somebody who not only found his original FB account, but also found him in a few other places. He’s so tightly locked down that even his longtime friends, including myself, can’t friend him.

Playing games or getting discount offers from companies.

Alternately, you can use it to contact people that you want to contact, without random other people finding you.

There are a couple people who I wouldn’t ever want to find me on Facebook or whatever online social service, including one kind of psycho chick who used to be a friend, and apparently has/had the hobby of harassing people via the Internet, including nearly breaking up the marriage of a couple she knew online and driving them off a message board they’d all been on together.

I suspect that some of those total lockdown folks are on FB not so much for the social interaction thing, but want access to someone else’s FB profile to keep an eye on them.

I’m really only friends with relatives and a couple of other people. My relatives are scattered around the country, and this way we can share pictures and keep each other up to date on what we’re doing. I teach, and hate to have to keep telling the kids I won’t be friends with them until they’re in college, so it’s easier if I’m hard to find. I also have too many acquaintances who spend hours a day on Facebook telling everyone what they had for breakfast, what they just bought at wal-mart, what their kids did in school, and so on. If there is someone I want to be friends with, I can call or write and talk to them about it.

Back in the dark ages of Ye Olde Internete some people would socialize directly with those they wanted to socialize with. Email, friends only LiveJournals, etc. There are people who make friends only Twitter accounts to do the same thing. They’re basically sending out messages to a bunch of people they know all at once, but they have no desire to send it out to everyone. Social media can be used for broadcasting your life to all and sundry or it can be used for communicating quickly with a group of select people.

I can completely understand that. I’ve gotten much choosier about who I friend on FB and have used a lot more privacy controls than I did in the beginning. At first it’s exciting to have it all open and find anybody you share a tenuous link to, but for some people that gets a little too public.

Privacy is a concept invented fairly recently, but there are still people out there attached to it.