Really long finger nails

:slight_smile: HI,
The other day while at the “work 20,” I got to wondering about people with ,Really Long Finger Nails.You’ve seen them Swami’s , Fashion Models,Guiness Book Entrants and such,people whose finger nails who are over 6 inches long.
Well it got me to wondering ,how do they wipe after a bowl movement?

Very carefully.

Sponge on a stick?

Seriously, there are many people with range of upper limb disabilities who have to find a way to cope with daily living.

And a sponge on a stick is one of the ways they deal with problems of personal hygiene (see this site ), I have also heard of devices which can be fixed to the wall in the case of severe upper limb disability, or loss.

I have only seen one person with very long (real) nails, they were curled and twisted in different directions. She was operating a ticket booth (in San Francisco) at one of the cable car turnarounds. She had to use a keyboard and turned her hands palms-up to strike the keys with her knuckles. I still cannot understand why anyone would want to limit their activity like that.

Other than shock value, i don’t see the point in them.
I think those women look plain fuckin ridiculous twistin their hands to protect and preserve the finger hoofs.
Just think of the bacteria those hideous things harbor. Even if they use a sponge, how can they effectively wash their hand and nails without damaging the nail or paint job. And remember, they could be making your next samich at your favorite eatin place.