Really Long Term Global Warming Effects

It seems to me that if we run up the CO2 levels enough, it just might create another carboniferous period, creating a new “layer” of fossil fuels. For the next civilization.

Oh boy! Maybe we’ll get a call out in a Chevron commercial a billion years from now.

It’s theorized that a major factor in the buildup of coal deposits was the evolution of lignin predating the evolution of lignin digestion by millions of years. The chance of another carboniferous age would depend on how big a factor that actually was.

The other major cause of the associated coal deposits were ginormous swamps. So maybe if sea level rise is just at the right level/rate some current dry, flat and not too high above the sea areas will clear the carbon from the atmosphere again.

There are issues with that:

TIL (Today I learned)

Those dinosaurs don’t seem nearly patriotic enough.