Really M & P but I just gotta share.

So I had this wart on my finger for 30 years or so. Tried all manner of removal treatments short of surgery to get rid of it—duct tape, compound W, chewing it, etc. But get this, I leave my wife and the wart freaking disappeared over the course of about a month. Looks like my hair is growing back, too.

Any explanations?

I had eczema all over my hands for about 8 years while at one particular job. My doctor attributed it to “new mom” stress and needing to wash my hands all the time. I left that job and the eczema disappeared.

I’m guessing you are a little less constantly stressed out, and your body is better able to to keep the virus (which your body will always harbor) under control.

Do you mean besides the fact that both hair loss and warts can be exacerbated by stress?

Clearly at some point in your recent journeys you have encountered somthing with magical healing properties. :wink:

When I left my wife a few years ago I lost 50lbs and my ulcer went away. Of course I have since found those 50lbs and they brought along 25 friends, and another ulcer arose in a different location (one that is more prone to cancer). I blame the move from production to management.

I thought the line went “I lost [insert wife’s weight] pounds of ugly flesh…” :wink: