Who's had stuff frozen off their bodies?

Saw my doctor today. Have had a lesion on the right cheek of my face for a few months. Suspected actinic keratosis, which is or can be pre-cancerous so she froze it today and should crust or scab over in the next few days and fall off. If that resolves it, problem solved. If that uncovers further lesion that sticks around, then I’ll need to have it removed more aggressively.

I thought the freezing off of a lesion would be way more involved than it was. Took a whole minute or so with stuff from a can. Fingers crossed that’s it!

Maybe she can do some skin tags next time I see her…


Literally dozens of them. I’m as pale as can be and was a lifeguard for many years before the invention of spf, started having lesions removed in my 20’s and now, in my 50’s, they are popping up more often.

I see the derm. every six months and very seldom get away without at least one thing frozen off. Never any follow-up problems.

A dermatologist tried to freeze a wart off my toe, once. It didn’t work. Those salicylic acid patches from the drugstore did.

I had a wart frozen off my foot once. It grew back.

A couple of warts and a few keratosis. One of the keratosis came back and he took it off with some laser doodad.

I had some warts frozen off when I was a kid. Those came off more or less. The rest went away on their own after a while.

I had something on my arm frozen off. The GP just held a piece of dry ice against it for a couple of seconds, job done.

In my early twenties I went through several years of having warts burned off my fingers with liquid nitrogen. Pretty medieval process (although back then I suppose it would have been hot coals). The worst part was the blisters afterward. The warts kept coming back every 6 months or so before my immune system finally woke up.

I used to get warts on my hands, and particularly around my thumbnails. After I graduated from college and got health insurance, I had a mole removed that I had always hated, and on a follow-up visit, had him freeze off those warts. They never came back. :cool:

I had a wart frozen off a knuckle on my finger. 30-some years ago. The doctor told me that it could come back, but usually smaller. If it did, he’d freeze that off, too. If it keeps coming back after 3 or 4 times, then we’d have to look at other possibilities, like surgery.

I was lucky enough that it never came back.

A couple of moles and another little thing on my neck.

Had a plantars wart frozen off the bottom of my heel when I was a kid. Hurt like a bitch, but took care of it permanently.

I’m prone to having skin cancers; my favorite dermatologist blasts suspicious spots with some freezing agent in a spray can. I have a few scars on my arms from that process and a few more from surgery.

When I was a kid, my pediatrician froze of a foot wart with the liquid nitrogen. I screamed so much I apparently was scaring the other kids out in the lobby.

I did a Polar Plunge this weekend, & after getting out made [del]snow.[/del] ice angels in just a bathing suit & flip flops; does that count? :eek: :smiley:

I’ve had innumerable skin tags frozen off with extremely low tech (styrofoam cop of liquid nitrogen, applied with a cotton swab (Q-tip))

I’ve a couple of times frozen off a plantar wart myself, as follows:

  1. Get a thermos bottle full of liquid nitrogen (costs me $5)
  2. Attach a long handle (thin wooden stick) to a Q-tip
  3. Dip Q tip in liquid nitrogen
  4. Apply to wart until it starts to hurt
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 about 10 times
  6. Store thermos in freezer for 20 minutes
  7. Again, repeat steps 3 & 4 about 10 times
  8. Done

When you’re doing this to yourself, you get an effective cure without any need for the pain ever to be excessive.

Me. Today. x12

Not me, but my daughter - when she was about 5, she suddenly developed a whole bunch of warts on her hands. I took her to the pediatrician and they brought out the can-o-cold-stuff and zapped 4 of them.

She had more than that, but they thought the 4 were enough for one visit.

Interestingly, not only did those 4 go away, but the others did as well after a few weeks.

Even more strangely: I had developed one during this time period - kind of half under the side of a fingernail so it was pretty annoying. And after my daughter’s 4 got treated, MINE went away as well.