Really Ryan Lochte?! A Grill?!

Didn’t see a thread on this; sorry if I missed it.

And also, to be clear: I’m an old fart with barely a toe dipped into pop culture. But aren’t grills, like, so 10 years ago?? When was the rapper Nelly relevant?

Am I missing something or does the big US Olympic Swimming story that NBC is pushing look like a 27-year-old idiot? If he was 18 or it was 2004, maybe…

That is all.

Yeah, I have no idea what that was about. Is there anyone on Earth who is going to impressed by that(well other than grillsmiths obviously). If he Wanted to be an individual and out-Phelps Phelps he should have pulled out a glass-pipe, since I doubt he could have secreted a bong onto the stage.

I’ve never understood the appeal of that. It just looks ridiculous to me.

A gratuitous bump for a Monday morning in case there are others who wish to get in Lochte’s…grill for his mouthware (ouch! :))

I’ve never even noticed it until this thread here. Then last night the Olympic committee said he had to remove it for the medal ceremony. Honestly I don’t even notice it, but I tend not to notice things like that anyway, especially since it’s not bright gold.

He was 19 or so in 2004 when it was current in pop culture, and it became his “thing” to the media. That crazy Ryan Lochte, with his blinged-out grillz yo. Isn’t he whacky. The media have an extremely limited attention span; they’re basically able to remember one trait of a person. That’s his.

So now he gets more media attention if he plays up the grill. So… he plays up the grill.

And, to some extent, he and Phelps and the others are kind of living in a bubble. Pop culture may have moved on and Nelly is no longer relevant to the masses, but people with crazy Olympic training schedules don’t really get out much to catch up with the hoi polloi. So Lochte doesn’t know he should be shamed for still liking Nelly, and Phelps probably still likes whichever rapper he used to be into.

That would be Snoop Dogg, judging by Phelps’ predilection for herb…:wink:

So Lochte is a man-child in a bubble trying to push his brand using something that got him attention before, with no clue how passe it is now. Great :rolleyes:

The man just set a World Record, made Phelps look like he was swimming in the kiddie pool, won an Olympic Gold medal and is set to make a Gazillion dollars in endorsments. I doubt he is too upset with our critique of his fashion.

Boy, do I feel schooled.

I hear you, DoR. Doesn’t change the fact that he looked like a stoopid man-child. Oh well, if that’s the only thing he regrets coming out of this, he will be doing just fine…

…and by the same token, I wouldn’t want to guess what idiotic choices I would’ve made at 27 if I was thrust onto the world stage - so again, if his big issue is silly grills, so be it…

…but lord he looks stupid.

He probably is more upset that he blew USA’s lead in the freestyle relay, after the other 3 kicked butt!

Recheck the splits. Lochte didn’t “blow” the lead; his split was awesome – Agnel from France pulled a Lezak at the very end with an even more awesome time.

i’m not sure about the grill, but his closet with all the shoes had me thinking of a line from fraser. when lilith visited and said “i finally got the closet of my dreams and my husband came out of it”.

that was one very tricked out expensive closet!

I feel the same way about the grill as I felt when Serena Williams showed up at the 2004 U.S. Open donning what appeared to be go-go boots, or when Roger Federer showed up in 2009 with his gold-threaded “I’m the king of Wimbledon” man-bag:

You do that kind of thing, and you’d better bring it. Cause otherwise you end up looking like a fool.

FTR, Serena lost in the quarter-finals, and Federer won Wimbledon.

You mean these splits?:

Adrian: 47.89
Phelps: 47.15
Jones: 47.60
Lochte: 47.74

The only swimmer with a slower split time than Lochte was Adrian, who had the disadvantage of having to jump at the gun, instead of anticipating his start (i.e., the first leg is almost always slower than later legs).

Now, this isn’t to say that Lochte’s time was bad, but it’s not clear that it counts as “awesome.”

Maybe his grill created drag ;):smiley:

Yes. Those splits. They’re awesome. Better than anyone expected from the Americans.
Agnel swam 46.74. Just because his swim was stupendous does not mean that Lochte’s was poor.

I didn’t mind the grill. I thought it was funny. However I also view it as the people who face paint or wear body suits… They’re fine and dandy if you or your team is winning; but once you stop winning you just look silly.