Really simple sound card question

I just inherited a Dell Optiplex GX-1 that’s running under NT.

Short of prying off the cover, is there a quick way to see if the unit contains a sound card.


Look on the back of the unit. See if there is a headphone/speaker jack. You might even see a little microphone or a ))) (for sound?) etched near the jack.

You can also go to the Control Panel and click “Sound Devices” or “Multimedia” (sorry been a while since I used NT) and see if there are devices listed there.

One other place to look is your device manager. That is under “System” on the Control Panel. Expand the branch that says something like “Sound, Video and Game controllers” and see if there is a sound card there.

One last thing is to go to the Dell Web site, click on “Support” and put in your service tag number. It should tell you the specs of the computer. You may have onboard sound if you can’t actually “see” a card.