Really Stupid Moments in life

I need to create a thread like this, just because, right now, I feel like a complete idiot. Here’s what happened:

So about 3 weeks ago out teacher announced a final project. It was going to be a group project. He divided our class into six groups of four and said, the first two groups present on Monday, the next two on wednesday and the last two will obviously go on Friday.

He showed us the group in a projection:

Group 1) x Group 4) x
x x
x x

Group 2) x Group 5) x
x x
x x

Group 3) x Group 6) x
x x
x x

I was a bit far for the screen so all i saw were the names. I do not remember if my teacher made a two finger notion to the screen, but whatever happened I assumed that the groups were numbered horizontaly, not verticaly.

So we met in the library the next day, and a girl in my group asked, we present on Monday don’t we? I said no, we present on wednesday, we are group #3. So there we were, all of us working on the project completley ignorant of what was about to happen.

So today, Monday comes along, and the first group presents. Then when they finished, the teacher asked “Where is group #2?” if they don’t present today, they get a zero.

I was like “Who the hell is stupid enough to forget they go today”

As the teacher read the list, I was shocked. My jaw drew wide open. It was MY group. I had read the group #'s and my group was the missing one. Of course, I felt like dying right there and then.

A freshman in COLLEGE screwing up like that is really stupid. He is going to give us some minor partial credit.

But yeah, this was probably the dumbest I’ve felt in a while.

So…In order to make me feel better, would some of you dopers please re-tell a story in which you felt really, really stupid?

I didn’t understand your notation!

If you were confused by it too, perhaps you should have asked at the time?
Or could you explain to the lecturer that the group was preparing for Wednesday?
(It does seem odd that some groups got more time than others, and that it was so important to be on time.)

Anyway, to cheer you up, here is a true story:

When I went to University, I didn’t really get most of the courses, except one in Maths, where the lecturer was really good.

When the end of year exams came around, I strolled through the 3 questions and confidently left the room early.
As the other students left later, i heard one of them say that question 5 was tricky.
Question 5? :confused: What Question 5?! :eek:
Of course, I hadn’t turned over the paper … :smack:

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Señor Piña, welcome to the boards. Please keep in mind the forum and thread in which you are posting. If you wish to lob these sorts of bombs at political figures, The BBQ Pit is more appropriate. Please do not make these sorts of comments in this forum.

When I was in college, I took a class in Formal Logic. I accidently registered under the math department code number and not the computer science code number. Same class, two numbers. Since I realized a math credit would count toward my minor instead of my major, I reenrolled. Only now I was doubly enrolled for the same class. It didn’t become apparent until the first set of midterms, when I got two grades, one that was great and one that was marked “not in attendence”. Took many trips to many clerks’ offices to get it straighten out, and then to my horror showed up on my transcript as a class with an F for non-attendence that had been converted into a drop. Hey! I was there in the class and got an A. Why the BS on my official transcript? So many more clerks’ offices. . .

Sorry I meant to put to rows of numbers with 3 x’s each

Thanks for your stories

Just last week I went into my lab to test my final project (voltage regulated power supply, sounds difficult, but very easy). I had made plans to take my friend to the airport right after because I thought it would be a matter of making sure my design worked and then just doing all the important stuff later. So anyway, the thing worked fine, I showed the TA and said “well, I have to go, I have to take a friend to the airport.” The TA said, “Thats great, just make sure I have your report by three o’clock.” What, what!? I felt incredibly stupid. I just went in to the lab to test my design. I had no idea the entire project was due that day. Anyway, I felt horrible about it, but the guy I was working with said he’d turn in his report with my name on it, the TA said that was okay because we were allowed to work in groups, and everything worked out alright. But I sure hate making other people do work to cover for me, especially since I didn’t have any clue the project was due that day.

Does that help?

I’m feeling really stupid right now because I still have no idea what the OP means. :confused:

Long story short, I confused monday with wednesday because I read the group list horizontaly instead of verticaly, hence I though group 2 was group 3