Really weird search error

Got this a few times now:

A few things of note:

  • There’s info about how the board is set up to run that a friend tells me could be used to hack in.
  • The 71 bytes that broke the search function’s back? (And 134 meg is exhausted?)
  • Hi, Opal!

ETA: Sorry, this isn’t a question, just wanted to report that I was having this little problem, and not to nag or anything.

Probably the hampster does not like one of the words that you are serching for. For example the word World is too socialist for the Boards to permit searching for.

Thanks. I see your thread about the same issue now.

My search term was ‘game theory’ - I wonder if that was considered socialist too?

Look like it was socialist. game was not socialist, and theory was not socialist, but game theory was socialist.