Really, what were they thinking?

The American Library Association has announced their theme for National Library Week 2007, April 15-21.

They do ok with these. I mean, sure, I’ve gotten a little tired of the @your library theme, but it seems to work for places. Until this one. See, the theme for 2007 is:

Come together @ your library
Call me dirty minded, but there’s only one thing my mind can come up with as a way to promote that. And I don’t think the people in my library would appreciate it.

You do have a dirty mind.

Let’s see. They could have said “Get together @ your library” or “Join together @ your library”

Heh. Turns out I have a dirty mind too! And for bonus points, I should have left in my typo that said “lubrary”.

Hey, think of the marketing possibilities! We can finally show just how sexy libraries are! Bumper stickers with library innuendo, showings of Party girl…well, I can’t think of much else. Perhaps a display with Fanny Hill and Lady Chatterley’s lover…

But yeah, I have a dirty mind too. Didn’t anybody at ALA headquarters make that connection?

Next year it’ll be “Why don’t we read it in the road?
It’s a Beatles theme; nothing to do with sex, see?