Really??! [Your WTF moments with other people's behavior]

Dude, there are 8 stalls in this bathroom. I’m sitting in the one on the end and 7 are vacant. Did you really have to use the one right next to me for your loud, gassy, loose movement? Really??!

Had any “Really??!” moments lately?

That happens to me all the time at work. There are a few stalls, and I always take the furthest so that subsequent people have the option of sitting far away. Usually they choose the stall right next to me! What’s up with that? Most people want a little privacy at a time like this.

My daily “Really??!” moment: people who get off the bus 2 stops from where they got on; the stops are on the corner of every block. I’m not talking about invalids or people loaded down with groceries or whatever, these are people who are very capable of easily walking those 2 blocks, probably in a much shorter amount of time than they waited for the bus. What. the. fuck?!

Maybe it’s a dominance display. “Bow to my copious feces!”

Maybe he knew it would be loud and wanted people to think it was you.

You know how when you park in the big empty area of a parking lot and people start parking right next to you? It’s probably the same thing.

Our sucky men’s room at work is barely big enough for three people. In order, it’s door, sink, urinal, and stall. Yesterday I was at the urinal and some guy came in at went into the stall. (Note to past thread: He went to pee, and left the stall door open.)

So I went to the sink to wash my hands, and the guy left a clipboard on the sink.

Really??! You’re OK with your documents getting wet?

Here’s my two:

Women who always, always use the handicapped stall at work. I mean, we just had a big discussion, and I don’t disapprove or anything, but really?

In a similar vein, people who have absolutely nothing in their hands and seem to be walking along just fine and hit the automatic door opener button to get into the building. Are your arms broken? Is the door too heavy for you? Really?

They all had the same idea that you did. They go to the last stall, discover it’s occupied, and don’t want to walk all the way back.

Or, like me, they always use the same stall, even if someone is next to it.

Or you sit in an empty movie theatre and the next group to come in sit right next to you. I’m a very small amount of menopausal hormones away from starting to yell at these people.

The bathroom thing drives me nuts, too. Hey, here’s an idea - whip out your cellphone and pretend to start talking on it loudly - “Yeah, they just sat down RIGHT NEXT TO ME! And there’s a whole empty bathroom they could have used. I KNOW, RIGHT?” :smiley:

And what is it with people who can’t write a descriptive thread title? Really?!?!?!!? You couldn’t spend two more seconds and come up with something that would give people a clue what the thread is about?


Yeah, I hate people like – Heeey, wait a minute…

There’s not much time left until the robot uprising, so I need to make them do my bidding as often as I can until then.


Or the opposite case where some numb nut passes up several open spots only to stop in the middle of the lane to wait for some other numb nut to pull out of a closer spot. I usually park near the back of the lot and walk past where numb nut #1 is still waiting to point and laugh.

I’ve noticed that some of the most aggressive close-space competition is outside the local gym. Really? You need to be in the very closest possible space before you walk in to use the treadmill? On many occasions I’ve heard them cursing or mumbling about the folks using the grocery store next door filling up ‘their’ close spaces.

Right, The people who will be carrying heavy bags of stuff should park further away for the convenience of those who want to get some exercise. . .


After moving to Chicago I’ve discovered that I public transportation is the biggest source of “Really??!” moments. Like the old ladies who have to stand RIGHT NEXT to the entrance the entirety of their trip. I understand the old people who might get up to the door a stop or two early because they’re slow to get up, but I once saw a lady stand next to the door on a 45 minute trip. And the bus was practically empty. It was like she was saving her spot in a line.

In a similar vein, I always enjoy pulling into a fast-food restaurant with a long line in the drive through, parking my car, going in and ordering my McMyocardial Infarction at the counter. I’m almost always out ahead of most of the cars patiently waiting in line.

On the stalls issue, I read that public health scientists had determined that the cleanest stall in any public john is usually the very first one, so that’s where I always head for my morning constitutional. Of course, my source for this was a Pop Up Video of a Jewel song, so I make no claims of validity…

I’m reading this thread in Seth Meyer’s SNL voice. Really! It’s very entertaining :smiley:

I was commuting today in the worst thunderstorm I’ve driven in in a few years. I witnessed three vehicles without headlights on. REALLY? It’s 8am, the sky is dark green, visibility is 50 feet at best, it’s raining rats and frogs, and you’re driving without headlights? Really? Do you want to die? I hope every one of you dopes get faulted for causing a 5 car pileup with no injuries, and pay significantly higher insurance premiums for the next 10 years of your lives.

I just got back from my school’s gym, which has a room with heavy bags and padded floors for martial arts. I saw a guy doing what can only be described as “flailing his legs at the heavy bags,” with no indication that he had any physical coordination or control whatsoever. I was pretty sure that I had seen him flailing in there one time before, so I said “Are you trying to learn Capoeira?” He replied in the affirmative. “How long have you been going at it?” I asked. “About 10 years,” he replied.

Before, during, and after this conversation, I’m throwing out some relatively advanced Capoeira/gymnastics moves, partly because I wanted to show off, partly because that’s what I had intended to do in that room anyway. “How flexible are your legs?” I continued. “Not very,” flailer responded. I tried not to sound too preachy, but I ventured onwards with “You know, you should probably work on your leg flexibility before trying to master individual moves. It’s like you’re going to a chess tournament without even learning how all of the pieces work first.” He responded with a sound that was somewhere between “Ahh.” and cough. He then turned around and started flailing again.

Really??! I was sorely tempted to say something like: “Listen, you green-shoe-wearing shitbag: If I did anything for ten years and was as bad at it as you are at Capoeira, I would probably kill myself or check with a doctor to see if I had muscular dystrophy. Not only have I explained that your efforts to improve have been completely misguided, I have also told you the better way to approach the challenge and shown you what you would be capable of if you took my advice. How could you be so fucking inept that you would immediately go back to doing the same thing you’ve been doing???”

I rode down the elevator a few weeks ago with someone in a jogging outfit who went down exactly one floor (I was going down 6 with heavy baskets of laundry). WTF? You’re on an exercise program and you start out by taking the elevator down one floor?

A family member (close on the tree, but not related) managed to mire his family into financial ruin, cheat on his wife, and alienate himself to her and his many children in such a thorough way that it’s amazing it didn’t end up in jail time.

The guy’s an soulless dick who hasn’t made a selfless decision in the last 8 years.

But he sure is an upstanding Catholic. (I have no truck with religion, cept when the person practicing it is severely hypocritical)