Stupid things that bug you, or something.

This is a thread about stupid things that bug you. They have to be really stupid. And they have to bug you - not make you apoplectic with rage so you’re frothing at the mouth.

Ok, i’ll go first. i just got home from dress shopping - i started a new job at the beginning of July and everyone in the office wears dresses so i decided i better get myself one as well.

Hubby, Junior and i headed out to Holt Renfrew (department store in Canada - a bit like Saks 5ht Avenue i think) and hit the dress department.

So, i’m looking, and the sales lady was very nice, and very helpful and i told her i was looking for dresses and she scooped the selection i had and put them in a change room and hunted around for others in my size that she thought i might like. All good.

i found a cute dress in my size that i like! Yay, also good.

So, i get the dress, pay for it, she wraps it nicely and i bring it home. i like it just as much at home as i did in the store! Yay!

So what bugs me? The sales lady kept brining me dresses (good!) but she kept pointing out the ones that were on sale. Like, ‘This one is cute - and its on sale!’ And it bugged me. i’m not even sure why it bugged me, i suspect she was just pointing out the sale dresses because every gal likes a deal, right? Ugh. Very, very stupid.

And before anyone asks, no, i didn’t say a thing. i didn’t yell at her, complain to her boss, get in a snit or do much of anything. i was so mildly annoyed the best i could muster was a lame non-pit thread on the dope.

Ok, you go now.

Ok. I’ll bite.

Just watched a couple of Mythbusters episodes on AppleTV this evening.

You know what really bugs me?

Almost all TV shows insist on repeating so many things throughout their 41 minutes of actual show content. They say the same thing five different ways, from five different angles. And when the commercial breaks are over (even though my copy is commercial free, the “splices” are still there), they always give a 30 second recap of whatever had been going on for the rest of the show. Clearly this is to grab a channel surfer’s attention, but it bugs me.

And on that particular show the announcer keeps saying silly puns and making dumb rhymes. Gets under my skin. At least the post production guys dialed back the “swoosh” sounds when changing scenes, and shakycam shots are no longer in fashion.

But, you see, I still like the show. It bugs me, but not enough to not watch.

I get annoyed by seeing the same B-list wannabe T.V. actors/actresses in commercials, constantly recycled from one product commercial to the next. The Tylenol Lady is now the Big Oil Lady. :frowning:


Oh wait…sorry, thought this was the anti-joke thread.

When you are at the drive-through and you conclude your order with “…and that’s it” and the employee taking your order then repeats the order, followed by, “and will that be all?” :dubious:

Oh, you’ve reminded me of one tiny little minor irritation I’ve been noticing lately - when coming to clear our plates in a restaurant, the server will say something like, “Are you finished with this then?” when the plate is completely cleared off. No, we were planning to start nibbling on the plate now - hands off!

When I answer the phone and the other person just says, “Hi.”, and then waits for me to say something else.

I have one friend that always does this. Bugs me every time.

You called me. State your business, even if just to say “I was just calling to see what you were up to today.”

receiving “Fwds” in my email…it’s like going out to the mailbox & getting something addressed to “Current Resident”

i get really annoyed when my earphones get tangled up.

I get annoyed when I try to plug something into the wall, and ALWAYS get it oriented wrong the first time. I would think 50% of my attempts would be correct. But no.

Pull back out, spin over, re-insert. Grrr.

You know, this is probably store policy. I don’t care much about sale either, but I’m sure someone would pitch a fit if she didn’t dare show them the sale items first. Like I said, it’s probably policy/trainning.

+1 I do this every single morning with my hair dryer. Too funny.

The only thing I can thing of that bugs me (instead of really enrage me) is those HBO commericals they show for upcoming seasons. They’re always like five minutes long and so annoying. Also, once you see the first show or two there’s NOTHING new. Seriously, I don’t watch to see the same True Blood/Curb Your Euthenism/Entourage/Hung/Ect commerical 20 times a week.

Add me to the list of people mildly bugged by discovery channel programming recaps. Also, why is it that History, Discovery, Animal Planet, Usa, and Sci-Fi all manage to go to commercial simultaneously? WTF?

Bob Edwards Weekend on NPR: Bob grunts.

I get extremely irritated whenever I bump an extremity on something. I’ve been hitting my elbow against the corners of things so often lately that I’ve taken to saying “STOP IT” after each incident, even though I know that won’t help.

I also get annoyed at bags that won’t actually be open after I’ve ripped off the “easy open, tear here!” tab. Then I have to get the scissors and trim the bag down further so that I can actually open the thing.

Related: clearing my plate while my dining companions are still eating. This is the policy in 100% of the restaurants I’ve been to, and I understand why they do it and even appreciate the attentiveness, but I’d rather they revert to good manners and only clear the table once everyone has finished.

Oh, this reminds me of another one; the extremely difficult and over-packaging of some products. I just bought a replacement head for my electric shaver and the thing was vacuum-sealed in rock-hard, half-inch thick plastic packaging that requires use of a stump-saw in order to disengage the razor-head from the package.

I work at a brewpub with a huge emphasis on building a solid customer base. That means we all try to get as friendly and chatty with our patrons as possible. So, it really makes no sense at all for me to become annoyed when a fellow worker decides to chat with one of my guests for a while, interrupting the rhythm of my service with them (because I have to wait until the conversation ends to go over and take their order). But it drives. me. crazy. I just sit there fuming: ‘Jesus H., shut up already!’
Also, getting stuck behind people who stand still on elevators. Makes me mutter and grind my teeth like a meth addict.
Also, meth addicts. They annoy the sh*t outta me. But that one ain’t so weird.

It’s USB connectors for me.