Realplayer q: For multi-disc albums, how do I sort tracks into their proper sequence

I purchased a couple of Verdi operas from RealPlayer music store, but I can’t get the tracks sorted into the proper sequence. The original has two CDs, but when I try to play it both Track 1s play, then both Track 2s, and so on. I sent an email to their customer support address but they never responded.

Is there, as I suspect, a way to get the CD number to display? Then I’d be able to handle this.

Ah, the great classical composer Joe Green…

You can change the ID3 tags to either have different album names (append “(Disc 1)” and “(Disc 2)”) or change the track numbers so that everything on the second disc comes after everything on the first. Those are probably your only good options.

Winamp would let you do this, and (IMHO) it’s a better piece of software than Realplayer–but that’s less of a low bar and more one that’s underground.

I think I could do that, but it’d be a lot of work, because I don’t know these operas well enough to know what goes where. I’d have to look at the album information, assuming I can get it.