Rear Projection TV Repair Advice

My big beautiful TV died on me last night. It died right on me.

I have a Pioneer (not Elite) SD-533HD5 rear projection TV. The red standby light stays on but the on/off button will only stay active for about a second before dying. The behavior looks like maybe a POST is failing or a fuse is blown.

Does anyone know where I could find a service manual? DIY advice is also welcome since the TV is out of warranty and there is a three day weekend approaching.


I would NOT recommend trying to work on a rear projection TV set on your own. These sets are still CRT based, meaning the negatively charged electrons are attracted to the front of the CRT with about 30,000 Volts.
Plus, with pixel size of about 2/1000”, the power density of the actual electron beam works out to be like 11,250,000 W/in-sq. And since it is a projection TV, this is not all contained in a glass picture tube.

So you’re saying I should have my battle axe of a boss come over and work on it for me?