Reasonabaly accessible internet jobs - your experiences?

Does anyone here have a reasonably accessible internet job? I’ve given notice on my current job and consequently need* another one. The most obvious job to get is some kind of internet one, by which I mean one where you can work from home, working online doing something for a real, legit, company. Most of these jobs tend to be customer support or other phone work of one kind or another - there is also rubbish stuff like solving captchas for spammers or amazon mechanical turk stuff, but frankly I am looking for something that a western human can work on - by which I mean earn a useful amount of money, not £1/hour.

I have seen there are many threads here where dopers mention that they work from home, so what is you’re all doing? Are they internet jobs?

Webcam sex work is out (or at least I think it is - anyone know any different?) due to my figure and gender.

*well, don’t need as such, I have plenty of savings from my current job, but I like to keep busy.

Where are you?