Reasonably urgent question, on behalf of friends

My former in-laws are near Baton Rouge, and have - for the first time in 47 years in their home - evacuated because of flooding. They weren’t expecting to leave, and had to shelter without their dog. They made a high spot for her in the shop, and hope for the best, but they’re worried
Is anyone aware of any person or group that might be able to help? The in-laws are older, and cannot get back to the house for at least a couple of days.

To narrow down, their home is in Central. Hooper Road.

I know someone with family in the Baton Rouge area. I’ll try and see if we can relay any info through. Are they wanting a welfare check or a potential rescue?

I think they want someone to check on the dog. LM: If this is correct, you might want to clarify. Your OP isn’t very clear.

Sorry for the vague description - it’s a day full of distraction. If anyone can check on the dog, fabulous. If anyone can get her into a pirogue and up to higher ground, they have a volunteer to puppysit, or will gladly reimburse a rescuer. If you have any resources, I will PM my sister-in-law’s number for more specific details.

I thought after the Katrina disaster most emergency shelters had started accepting pets?

The in-laws are at the home of a church friend. They didn’t really plan ahead, because they’ve never had water in their home, since they moved in in 1969. I’ll admit that they should have planned better, but they didn’t. And now they have no way to get back to the house, probably for 2 or 3 more days. So we’re just searching for something better than “hope for the best,” on the chance that anyone in this community might have a notion.

Hooray! Just got word that Miss Puppy Dog is safe and dry, courtesy of another church friend, who trucked in as far as he could, waded in chest-deep water, and brought the dog out with a life vest and a boogie board.

The family has probably lost a lifetime of material goods, and I know that worries them, but I’m glad that the 2- and 4-legged family is safe.

Oh good. Family of friend didn’t know anything, but they were also evacced and she was facebook-mining to try to find someone with animal-rescue connections. They’re apparently stuck in a Knights of Columbus facility and dont think they’ll be allowed to leave til Monday afternoon. According to her its a gigantic and unexpected mess juat everywhere down there.

I’ll let them know puppy is safe, and sorry we couldn’t find anything in time to help.

Federal law requires that public shelters accept pets. Crate cages, the sort that can be piled one on top of another, are now standard equipment in designated shelters, along with cots, blankets and all the other usual accoutrements.

A message I just received, in case someone else needs, shared with permission:

If anybody has any animals stranded by the flood waters call me an il get them. That goes for humans to. I can put my boat in anywhere an handle atleast 6 people at a time. No charge.
Teddy’s Animal Ambulance Service

Only if we get jambalaya and a crawfish pie and fillet gumbo afterwards! :wink:

Believe me, the Mama San will do all that and biscuits when her kitchen dries out! (We had our differences through the years, but her hospitality could never be faulted, unless excessive is a fault!)

And yes, I get the reference. But I have to give due credit. :smiley:

Unfortunately, by the time the in-laws realized they had to evacuate, their fellow parishioner was the only good option. And even if a public shelter would allow the dog, it would probably have been a poor option for the in-laws. He’s 80-something and diabetic, she’s 70-something, and recovering from knee surgery. For their well-being, a safe private home was the best of several options.

But for their peace of mind, I’m happy that the dog was rescued. (Eldest Son tried to go retrieve Madame Beagle, but his car couldn’t get him closer than about 3 miles by the time he left work.)

The house and contents are probably a total loss, but I’m happy that all of the occupants are safe.

I’m glad their dog was rescued and I hope that they can salvage some meaningful possessions, especially their photo albums.

I grew up in Louisiana and have tons of old friends there, so I posted this on my Facebook page.

I’m so happy for them and bless dear Teddy for his help.