Reboot into windows repair in Windows 7?

computer virus program with a computer… the usb ports do not work on the computer and the cd-rom drive is either broken or disabled on a Sony Laptop (so can’t find a suitable replacement for the drive).

The problem could be easily fixed from the “repair my computer option”/ (F8), only it appears Sony didn’t add this function to the machine.

However the computer does boot into Windows, so what I need is a program that would tell Windows to re-boot in recovery console/ “Dos” Prompt/ repair my computer - basically a command line below Windows.

Anybody got any ideas about programs like that? Thanks in advance

Are you sure this is a virus? It sounds like your USB controller could have died. On some laptops, the CD ROM connects through an internal USB port, so if the USB controller dies the CD ROM won’t work along with the ports.

The F8 advanced options menu is a function of Windows, and comes from Microsoft, not Sony. I suppose it is possible that Sony has a special version of Windows with this disabled, but that seems rather odd to me.

What exactly makes you think this is a virus?

The recovery boot option is part of Windows, not the BIOS, so you’ve just got to hit F8 at the right time.

And since neither USB ports nor CD drive are working, you’ll want Safe Mode with Networking.

Guys, I think it’s entirely possible that Sony released an OEM version of Windows without this feature or it disabled -forcing the user to use the Sony recovery partition instead and the EU would do that if Windows would allow him to, but it states that the MBR is corrupted and flakes out.

The EU fixes computers for a living, complete with MSCE and the rest I just figured there was a software way to get to around this problem like loading recovery console onto Win 7 but nobody can tell me what I originally asked.

I’m not looking for free trouble-shooting I’m looking for an alternate means to reach a prompt under Windows 7 besides F8…

Try pressing the Spacebar instead. You’ve got to be quick!

I’m afraid I do not have a solution, but this link supports the idea that not all Sony’s have the F8 option, if that makes you feel any better.

I don’t have much experience with Sony, but I assume the computer has a memory stick slot? Can you configure a bootable stick?

As I read that, what it says is that some Sony’s may not have the Repair You Computer option on the Advanced Boot Options screen, but f8 should still get you to the Advanced Boot Options.

If it really isn’t f8, maybe it is some other key, such as Esc or another f-key. Whichever it is, though, timing is important.