rebooting WinXP from Caldera DOS

My Vaio laptop froze up yesterday - I turned it off by force and tried to reboot it, but it keeps going to Caldera DOS. I don’t know what to do with it - I don’t have a WinXP CD or anything. When I bought it it came with everything already installed. My dad says I must have received some kind of Vaio rebooting CD but I must have thrown it away (I’ve moved several times since I first purchased the laptop). Is there anything else I can try before I give up and take it in to the repair shop?

(I’ve already tried googling, but wasn’t able to find anything helpful.)

You could try contacting Sony to see if they will provide you with a replacement CD - it will probably cost you something, but it’s the first thing to try. There should be some sort of identifying number on a sticker on your laptop to let them figure out that you’re not just calling to get hold of a Windows CD.

Incidentally, how do you know it’s Caldera DOS? Is there some sort of identifying caption?

Things to make sure of before sending off for a recovery CD: is there a floppy disk or CD in the system when you boot? If so, remove them and try again.