Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom of California

The principle I use for voting “yes” on a California proposition is - “Is something on fire, and will my yes vote help to put it out?” Consequently, I almost never vote “yes” on any proposition. I am opposed to the initiate process in general.

I would use the same principle on voting in favor or a gubernatorial recall.

Perhaps you would find “overwhelming dominance” more accurate?

Sorry, no. Words have meanings. 46% is not a majority of ANYTHING.

I give up. Keep on being you, and I’ll be me somewhere else.

For those picking fly sh*t out of pepper, the word is “plurality”.

Glad you’re keeping your eye on the truly important issues.

Democrats control all eight executive offices in California. They hold 31 out of 40 seats in the state Senate and 59 out of 79 seats in the state Assembly. Both Senators are Democrats, as are 42 out of 53 Representatives. Joe Biden received 63% of the vote in the state.

That’s a gargantuan Democratic majority by any standard.

And Republicans hold a majority of governorships and state houses in the U.S. Is that "gargantuan?

There are 27 Republican governors, and 23 Democratic. I would not call a difference of four out of fifty “gargantuan.” Republicans have 29 state house versus 19 for Democrats. I wouldn’t call that “gargantuan” either, but I wouldn’t quibble if someone else did - it’s definitely large.

Anyway, I thought it was the word “majority” you were objecting to?

And helped out by some lefties who absolutely hate him.

His supporters aren’t just putting their feet up: California Democrats sharpen messaging against Newsom recall

you know i think whoever starts the recall should be on the hook for paying for a needless election … just like the guy who started the gray davis one so he could run himself for finicial gain and then couldn’t legally run

Aaaand, here we go (I wish I were making this up)…

What an asinine, er, ursine idea.

I thought at first this was Chris Christie and thought that’s some real clout, but I dunno, maybe having a bear will get the animal rights people on board.

That may be the first time a candidate is eaten by his running mate.

Oh yeah, what about Taft’s running mate, James Sherman?

I thought we agreed to never speak of that again.

It’s okay when a Republican does it.

I’m on board with the bear, but they need to change the photo and the slogan. The photo needs to show the candidate on his knees in front of Trump with the bear watching over Trump’s shoulder, and the slogan should be BJ and the Bear!