reCaptcha is the Worst

Yes, [url-“”]reCaptcha is the worst. It is worse than Britta! I understand the need for security and bot protection, but there has to be something anything better than this illegible piece of garbage. Christ, I have to refresh 10-15 times or more just to find something I think I can read and I usually do it with my fingers crossed because I am guessing on a couple of the symbols. Hmm is that a capital s, no wait is that is a …w, an n, the number 3? What the fuck, is that? It looks like a monkey playing a Wii. It might help if maybe they were actual words.

So fuck you reCaptcha and double Fuck you to those sites that use it.


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I agree, recaptcha sucks more than anything. There’s quite a few alternatives out there so I don’t know why places insist on using it. Worse, if you’re on a phone. Also, you’re basically working for Google by translating OCR text into digital.

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Lately, their trick that’s been pissing me right off is cutting off the top or bottom half of a word.

Christ! The whole word ends up looking like “ooooooo”. How am I supposed to know if that’s a “p” or a “q” or a “d” or a “b” or a…

You really need a special pair of glasses to read a lot of them. Or a new pair of eyes. Amen to the OP!

Worse than Britta? But she’s awful!

It’s almost like that’s what you’re supposed to do.

My theory is they are collecting all that random stuff and they will eventually compile it into Shakespears Works version 2.0 . A billion monkeys with typewriters and all that jazz.

Bastards probably won’t even give anybody residuals either.

Maybe it’s designed to detect rage.

Um, if Google doesn’t know the correct answer in advance, then how can they tell if you got the challenge correct?

No kidding. They put the bottom 10% of one word and the top 10% of the other word. And they want you to guess it. I do my best to avoid sites that use it.

I like reCAPTCHA far more than the alternatives, rather than hiding random nonsense under under layers of noise and colors and distortions they display actual words that are usually just a little fuzzy/squished but remain mostly readable. Plus they actually do something nice since they help to digitize old texts.

That’s why there’s two words. One is known and the other is not. You only have to get the known one right, while your answer for the unknown one is entered into their database and compared to all the other answers for that particular image. If the answers are too statistically divergent or there’s too many refusals to answer (shown by refreshing the captcha to get a new one instead of answering it) they’ll pull it for further study. But if 999 people out of 1000 say that an image reads ‘fartf’, they’ll take the crowd’s word for it.

That’s what they say, as well as the words are all words from old texts, but I’ve seen many that could not possibly have been words in any language.

Maybe not in any *human *language.

[Cue theremin]

I recently encountered it for the first time, and kept getting ones in which one word was literally a black rectangle. WTF?

It’s fun to make comics from them though.

And, they ask you to type the word- and it’s not a WORD. It’s nonsense. They also mix in zeros and O’s in there, which are impossible to tell apart with widely differing fonts.

Go and read what’s directly on their site

Some of the pertinent info: