Reccomend elopement gift

My brother and his woman are planning to elope to New Orleans in mid-August; they’ve invited me and her brother to be their witnesses. As such, I need to find a nice wedding/elopement gift that’s not the same-old toaster.

As in all my crises, I turn to the SDMB. Any ideas?

My first thought was *a ladder perhaps? * Followed quickly by why not? Can’t think of any way to do it right now (and not knowing the recipients) but something to commemorate the elopement aspects of their wedding might be fun. If you don’t have to take the gift with you to the wedding maybe you should really get them a ladder. Hang in here with me now. Some of the library ladders are really lovely pieces of furniture. I think some even fold and can be used as tables. :slight_smile:

Whatever you decide, have fun!

The ladder sounds like a great idea.

Or…New Orleans in mid-August? How about two of those little hand held, battery powered fans that spray a cooling fog. Get two extras for the witnessess, 'cause all of y’all are gonna need 'em .

Don’t be cuttin’ up down there in the French Quarter, gatherin’ up beads and such. If I find out you’ve been doin’ that kind of stuff, I’ll tell. :wink:

Is it really an elopement if they tell people? I thought eloping meant “running away secretly with one’s beloved”. Sounds like they just planned a very small wedding. In which case, since it’s not a surprise, go get some champagne flutes engraved for them. Or a photo album, since you or the brother will be the photographer and these are the only pictures they’ll have.

I think Kittenblue is right. If people know, it ain’t eloping.

I eloped. We told my folks when we got back from Vegas. They gave us a refrigerator. I also received candles, champagne, and money.

Magnetic travel checkers?

Here is a bit of family lore. My Aunt and Uncle went out on Christmas Eve to buy the family Christmas tree and never returned. The family found out several days later that they had been married.

Now thats an elopement :smiley: .

It’s an elopement because her parents don’t know it’s taking place. They wouldn’t be too keen on the idea. Only 2 people are invited, me and the bride’s brother.

As for gifts, I’ve had suggested pots (good kitchenware is expensive) and gift cards. Hmm. Will keep ladder idea in mind.

Condoms with holes in them.

(insert devil-horned smilie here) :smiley:

Pots can be a pretty good gift. We still have ours given to us when married 27 years ago.