Reccomend Good Resources for Learning Greek

My husband and I just started our first modern Greek lesson (audio CDs) tonight. It’s incredibly intimidating at first blush. However, I think I’ve almost got the alphabet down, with pronunciation moving right along.

We noticed the materials for learning Greek in our local bookstore are somewhat limited. Anybody got any tried-and-true language programs for Greek? Websites for practice? I’ll take anything I can get.

We’re considering springing for the Rosetta Stone but we want to confirm to ourselves first that we’re going to stick with the language before we invest all that money. Has anyone used Rosetta Stone? Is it inherently better than any other DIY language program? I’ve noticed a lot of programs focus on ‘‘conversational’’ Greek, de-emphasizing written and grammatical structure (trying to recreate ‘‘natural’’ language acquisition–is that even possible?), but I want to read and write just as well as I speak. Does Rosetta Stone focus on reading and writing too?

Thanks. Um, I mean, ευχαριστώ. :smiley:

The library I work in offers the Rosetta Stone software free to patrons through home access on the website. Check to make sure you’re not already paying for it with your property taxes before you spend money on it!

Good point. Rosetta Stone software is yours to distribute freely after you buy it, so it’s entirely possible.