Reccommend any good alternative/metal/whatever bands?

Uh, the title says it all, really. Does anyone know of any good alternative/metal (whatever-I’m no good at defining music into genres*) bands they think I should look into? I find myself with disposable income that has ALBUMS written all over it, and I wondered if you good people had any suggestions?

*Basically, I’m looking for music thats best played loud, and is angry. As a few examples, my top three most-listened-to bands ATM are probably The Dillinger Escape Plan, (hed)p.e. and Queens of the Stone Age.

System of a Down is probably along the lines of what you’re looking for.

Also check out Tool.

I’ve already got both SOAD albums. (I took my username from one of their songs - 5 points for knowing which one!)

Tool too, I have. Very cool.

Still, thanks for your help :).

Jack Off Jill has become one of my favorite bands recently, but that’s just based on 3 songs off of their ‘Covetous Creature’ EP, which I believe is a remix of earlier versions of the songs. Anyway, the songs ‘Poor Impulse Control’, ‘Girl Scout’, and ‘American Made’ are all great.

Lets see… Angry and Loud…

I would start with Avail, and pick an album, personaly my favorite is “Over the James” but “4AM Friday” would do nicely. The new album by Hot Water Music is oustanding. I believe its their epitaph release which, if i am not mistaken, is also the home of Dillenger Escape Plan. Fear Factory’s Demanufacture was nu-metal before the crap we have now. Boy Sets Fire’s “After the Eulogy” is another one(excellent band to see live as well). I always thought Pennywise’s “About Time” or “Full Circle” sounded kinda angry and makes for good loud music. If you really want something out their but good, try Atari Teenage Riot’s “Burn Berlin Burn”. Hehe, they sample Kreator riffs, mixed with lots of industrial noise. Thats about all I got. I listen to lots of music loud, just I wouldnt call Alkaline Trio, Flogging Molly or Stiff Little Fingers really angry.

Here’s a similar thread that I started a while back on the same topic.

I second the recommendation for Jack Off Jill, and if you like them, you should check out Rasputina.

I saw Trapt last night. Pretty good. Reminded me of Screaming Trees for whatever reason.

I don’t listen to much metal, more in the punk genre myself, but I heard Curl Up And Die with Thrice this Halloween, and I think they’re pretty good if you’re into that kind of thing. The songs have hilarious long names and the singer screamed them out at the speed of light… A little too incoherent for me, though it’s virtually impossible to tell the guy is saying anything and not just screaming his heart out. Maybe y’all like that sort of thing though.

Good Riddance
Strike Anywhere
the Refused

are all more on the hc political punk side of things but are all good fun if you can blank out on some of the more fanatical tin-foil hat anti-government bits. Of the above, I personally prefer Good Riddance the most.

I also worship Thrice… melodic hardcore, but pretty angry in some parts. I believe the music is heavily influenced by metal in some ways.

A lot of punk/hardcore gets pretty angry in parts, but I don’t know if you’re into that so I’ll shut up… otherwise I could go on forever. I can reel off dozens of names.


Woah, thats plenty to be looking in to. Thanks guys :), keep them coming though, please…

I saw them play last year Frenzy1023. I liked them, but I’m not so keep on their albums, for some reason. They seem to lack the energy they have live, IMHO.

No no, punk/hardcore good. By all means recommend some.

My favorite subject! Seriously, I am a major fangirl and could go on forever.

Propogandhi and Anti-Flag. More political punk but certainly very angry!

Surely you’ve heard (of) the Dead Kennedys? I don’t like them myself, but they’re certainly revered in some circles.

If you don’t mind some less angry stuff that can be played loud, AFI is my current love. Some of their older stuff is “harder” so to speak.

Operation Ivy is legendary and definitely angry at times though here I’m definitely veering into the lighter sides of things… they’re often known as one of the first bands to integrate ska into punk.

The following are bands I don’t listen to myself but are generally well regarded from what I’ve read. You may want to give them a try if you like.

Minor Threat
Killswitch Engage
Avenged Sevenfold
Strung Out
Tsunami Bomb

If you like any of these bands I’ve mentioned, just go to their websites and check out the links page. Most of them have links to their favorite bands and bands they’ve toured with. The punk community is pretty close knit.


PS: If you check out any of these bands and like 'em, please do post… I’d love to know I’ve made a convert! :slight_smile:




Angry asshole producer of numerous indy rock legends fronts super-tight kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll band. Accept no substitutes. Sample lyric:

Angry enough for you?

I saw Rasputina in concert about a month ago. I’ve loved them for years, but their live performance was even better than I expected. Some of their harder stuff definitely fits the OP’s stipulations, but I prefer their slower songs, which are, at times, heartbreakingly beautiful.

I had never even heard of the opening act: Lennon. But she was loud, angry… and amazing. Imagine if one of the girls from Lilith Fair decide to start an industrial band and that might give you some idea of her sound. She had an enchanting voice, intelligent lyrics, and such energy! I bought her album 5:30 Saturday Morning last week, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. It’s expecially good for rocking out on the way to work in the morning.

Christ, DEP is about as insanely heavy as you can get. Nothing anyone here lists is gonna be able to touch that.

I am really suprised by Mudvaynes new one. It is really good. Much better than LD 50. Also check out Living Sacrifices new one.

Man, I am trying to think of any band that can beat DEP in sheer heaviness and insanity but none can. You do have thier newest one that came out a month or so ago right? The one with Mike Patton doing all the vocals?

BTW hed(pe) sux my left nut. Can’t believe I am seeing them in the same sentence as DEP. Killswitch Engage is pretty good for about a week, but then you get tired of it.

God Lives Underwater
for some older punkish stuff still good: Revolting Cocks

i’ve got a few…

agnostic front(eighties)
at the drive in
cause for alarm
theexploited(early to late eighties)
7 seconds
most precious blood
hot water music
coheed and cambria

look the list goes on and on…check out these sites and message boards
from there you’ll find links and others of similar interests…i personally back up pahardcore because of the politics and society message board, lots of intelligent people debating and sharing, come by and enjoy…email for more bands i have much music ranging from jazz,indian ragas,rock and so forth…i love all types that isn’t just a carbon copy of the next…

oh by the way, a band that WILL beat dep is the cro-mags, those guys were heavy and insane in the early eighties and were singing about krishna in many of the songs…check them out if you doubt it…

Type O Negative

Mucky Pup

Have you even heard DEP? I have heard Cro-Mags, back in the day anyway, and they don’t even put a dent in the insanity that is DEP. The timing is fucking crazy. Impossible to tap a foot to.

I Second Shellac. I’ll add And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead. I saw them open up for QOTSA and I actually liked them better.