"Receiving" the last breath of a dying person - common practice?

This painting is labeled as “Francis I receiving the last breath of Leonardo da Vinci.” During his final years, Leonardo lived in France where he was under the patronage of King Francis. I don’t know if the king was actually at Leonardo’s bedside when he died, or not. If he was, and this painting is depicting something that actually happened, then I can only assume he literally hovered over Leonardo as he lay dying, and breathed in the air exhaled by his final breath before he passed - to try to absorb his “essence” or something? It seems sort of occult, actually.

What was the deal with this? Was this a common thing to do with people who were dying, back then? Was it a religious ceremony of some kind? I’m having trouble finding any information about the practice.

This was painted in 1818, so an extra question would be how far this cheesy Romanticist painting is from what would have been practiced in 16th-c France and Italy, and what Ingres is trying to project onto the 19th-century fantasy view of the Renaissance.

Don’t have to go back near that far. Edison’s last breath:

If I were da Vinci, I’d say, “Geez, I’m dying here, would you get this froofy king off my lap already?”