Recent flicks that should be midnight movies (a la RHPS)

I just saw Resident Evil the other night. It came off as SO campy and it had so many opportunities for audience participation that it just screamed “midnight movie.” Has anybody else seen a movie lately that they wouldn’t mind seeing multiple times while yelling at the screen and acting goofy?


Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie, was one of the most hilarious theater-going experiences I’ve ever had. I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in a long time. Too bad they weren’t trying to be funny…

“That’s just like you thieves! Always taking things that don’t belong to you!” -Dammodar, Master of the Obvious.

Shit, give me a few shots of vodka, and I can act goofy and yell at the screen while any movie’s playing. :wink:

I think that The Fifth Element might be a good one.

Does any film deserve this treatment more than Armageddon ?