Recent inflation in the UK (over the last 30 years)

I’m curious about UK price structures over the last few decades. It seems that since the early 1960’s there has
been at least a tenfold increase in prices, if not more.
To illustrate that Brian Epstein wore only the finest suits and accessories, one Beatles bio says that “his ties were
half-guinea silk foulards”. Since $0.80 is hardly an impressive amount to spend on a tie these days, there has
clearly been some massive inflation since then.

Even later (about 10 years?) it seems that when Ford Prefect
dragged the kneebiter Arthur Dent into a pub, and ordered
six pints, five pounds was evidently well over the cost of
all that beer.

Now, recent travellers’ tales are rife with horror stories
of what a budget buster the UK is. I’ve heard of things
like having to pay 60L for a forgettable meal without drinks, 40L for a one way train fare over 120 miles, and on and on. It doesn’t seem like everyone there is wretchedly
poor now, have your incomes pretty much kept up?

Some things are cheaper in the UK, some things are more expensive. There are also large regional differences; London is far and away more expensive than anywhere else in the UK.

Some examples for reference:

I expect to pay £20-£30 per head for a fairly decent two-course meal plus wine; nothing posh, but not too shabby. As with any other major city, there are tourist-trap restaurants that will charge you the earth for terrible quality.

Train fares are ridiculously high, but a lot of this is connected with the ridiculous profiteering by the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) since rail privatisation. Booking well in advance helps; a return fare from London to Edinburgh costs around £75 single, but book two weeks in advance on a non-refundable ticket and it’s closer to £35/£40.

In this thread I posted a link to this price comparison report prepared by the Department of Trade and Industry. It’s vaguely interesting reading on the subject.

Here In the UK we call it " Rip Off Britain "

One can ( almost ) pity the touristas :slight_smile:

And generally, the average brit is lucky to be ahead on ten years ago,