Recently joined Neflix, think it's great

Assume most here are familiar with Netflix, but just in case…

Got sick & tired of driving to Blockbuster, wasting time browsing the isles and getting frustrated waiting for a flic I wanted to arrive, so gave Netflix a try.

Think it’s terrific. Only takes a couple of days for the DVD to get here, and it works as advertised. Loads of oldies, foreign films, and the new releases are available very quickly after release.

Very rare not to find what i want. Suprised, for instance, so see they even have the old Peter Lorre classic M which ordered.

Welcome to Netflix, Brother KlondikeGeoff! I’ve been a loyal subscriber for a few years now. Which plan are you using? I’m currently on the five-at-a-time plan because I am involuntarily leisured at the moment.

I sure don’t miss stopping off at the local video store. Service in Houston is much better than central Illinois. One day service here compared to at least 3 there (at least it was 18 months ago)

Thanks, Friedo. I started on the 3/time, but just moved up to 5/time, as had some gaps. With summer reruns coming up, don’t expect to watch much broadcst TV. :frowning:

I recently got so disappointed with digital cable and Comcast On Demand that I ditched it and joined Netflix, and I’ve never looked back.

Netflix is da bomb, but be warned: once you’ve gotten esstablished and have a heavy rotation going, they’ll slow down the turnaround considerably (but still remain acceptable, IMHO).

Also, their supplies of some items are extremely limited, keep your queue healthy so you can skip over stuff on a waitlist. <sigh> I don’t know if they’ll ever send me the new Battlestar Galactica.

But it’s still a great service.

I don’t think the new series has been released on DVD in the US yet, all I can find is the original mini-series (which Netflix doesn’t seem to have).

Sorry to yank this thread out of the grave, but a question:

I’m considering Netfilx because I recently got a portable DVD player and it will make my long train commute so much better to watch something other than the other passengers.

So, how do the multi-disk sets work? If I sign up for 3 DVDs at a time, and want to get say a full season of some TV show that is on 3 or 4 disks, does that count as one of my three or all of my three disks?

If you get three discs from a TV series, that counts as three discs.

If you have a Mac, check out Netflix Freak. It rocks my world!