Recipe for frosting mix

One of my favorite recipes of my mother’s called for Fluffy White Frosting mix (not frosting–just the mix). However, it has become impossible to find frosting mix–it’s all canned frosting nowadays. Does anyone have any idea how I would re-create this product using regular ingredients? Authenticity is the key–I don’t just need a recipe for frosting; I need something that approximates the ingredients in the packaged mix. Any help would be enormously appreciated.

Is it like 7 minute frosting?

Or would you prefer to have the mix, itself?

sorry, here’s a better site to buy it

this is the contact site for Betty Crocker. They may be able to help you find the mix too.

That’s the stuff! As you can see, it is not available on Amazon, and these guys are charging a jacked-up price. I don’t mind paying, but I need a long-term solution, since the stuff is clearly going off the market and is getting progressively harder to find. (By the way, do I sound like a junkie trying to get a fix?)

I visited Betty Crocker and e-mailed them, but never heard back. The bastards! Like I said, I will eventually need a recipe since this stuff seems to be going off the market.

Aaaaah! My PayPal has quit working! Forever I’m afraid! Because I live outside the US! Which is a PayPal nono! So I can’t buy Betty Crocker Fluffy White Frosting Mix! Aaaah! [dt] I’m…jonesin’…hard…need…fix…[/dt] Damn you Betty Crocker, you tease!

I hereby exercise my one legal bump.