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I have some avocados I need to use in the next few days, so when Dad brought home some shredded queso, I thought “Mmmmm, I should make something Mexican!” I have some chicken tenders in the freezer, refried beans and canned tomatoes in the pantry, plus the usual kitchen staples. I can also go to the store if needed. What shall I make?

Usually when I’m in the mood for Mexican I make tacos or taco salad, but I’d like to try something new.
*Oh! I also have a jar of mole sauce which I’ve never used (or eaten) before.

I don’t know what you should make, but I can tell you I’ve used Supercook before and it’s pretty cool. Type in what you’ve got, and it gives you recipes.

Yeah, I found that site but it kept giving me chicken recipes that didn’t incorporate the other ingredients. I figured actual people might have the “fuzzy logic” I need. :slight_smile:

Chicken mole tacos!

(oh, DAMN that sounds good!)

Can you tell me something about mole sauce, as I have never had it before? I’ve been wanting to use this jar up but am intimidated!

It’s this kind. Website says it has a delightful chocolate/peanut flavor. I R perplexed.

Brown the chicken tenders on both sides. Add the tomatoes and a big scoop of mole to the skillet. Simmer it over low heat until the chicken is shreddable. Shred the chicken and return it to the skillet. Stir in the queso. Serve the chicken mole mixture in tortillas or over rice. Serve with avocado and refried beans on the side or as toppings.

Thanks, that sounds great! I know I must come off as ignorant but sometimes I just run out of ideas as far as cooking. I was a good cook for years while my kids were growing up, but now I’m kind of over it.

About the mole; it’s more of a condiment or ingredient than a sauce in its own right, then?


No, it’s a very complex sauce. If you make it from scratch it can take all day.

Mole generally refers to a sauce, like this - if you have a small saucepan try simmering a few spoons of the jarred paste with enough water or chicken broth to bring it to a saucy consistency, and taste it to see if you like it (not everyone does) - if you do I’d suggest shredded chicken mole tacos (in soft torillas) with slices of the avocado.

If you still end up with avocado left to use, I like them for breakfast, just halve, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper and eat with a spoon.

It doesn’t use your ingredients, but I’ve been on an avocado vinaigrette kick. I take one avocado, some garlic, some olive oil, some red wine vinegar, some lime juice, a little bit of mustard and a dash of hot sauce, and blend it up. Last time I did this I put it on a green salad with tuna and it was divine.

Mole sauce is indescribable, really, and it is a true sauce.

It usually contains chocolate and some type of nut or seed, and it can also have cinnamon or raisins in it.

You don’t taste it and automatically think, “Hmmm, Easter eggs!” The chocolate isn’t really discernable as “chocolate,” and you aren’t necessarily going to sense pepitos or peanuts or sesame seeds. It all blends together to create incredible magic on the palate.

Most moles are somewhat spicy, but not powerfully so.

It’s a smooth sauce. Add pork, chicken, whatever protein you have on hand. I like to add a chopped, browned onion to the mix, as well. Serve it over rice or sop it up with tortillas.

If you love it as much as I do, get a vat of it and take a bath!

The Dona Maria mole is good as a base, but I find it needs some constructive input to bring out its full potential. Very least it needs sugar, honey or some other sweetener. As well as more salt. A nice thing to do is use apple cider, OJ, or even pineapple juice as the liquid at 1:1. I like to garlic it up too. Your starting ingredients pretty much make themselves, as suggested.