Recipe Needed: Velveeta olive "salad"

This post in another thread reminded me of a “salad” my mother used to make featuring cubed Velveeta and green olives. I think it might have been a pasta salad, but don’t honestly remmber. It was definitely served cold, not hot. I was born in 1974, and I know it was a common potluck item when I was a kid.

Any help?

Fresh peas, and some kind of tangy dressing I think. I remember eating it at times. Sometimes it had other cheese cubes instead of Velveeta. Weren’t there some variations with mint and peas, and others that were almost ranchy in flavor, with bacon? I remember it had spiral pasta too.

Chopped boiled egg in some cases maybe too? :confused:

The recipe on this page is the closest to the most common version that I ate, just add the cheese cubes. (Except I distinctly remember fresh/thawed peas with the one I ate most often, and onions, and sometimes other veggies, but peas definitely.)

Ooh! The Salad Supreme Salad! I remember that one, too. Not the one I was looking for, but a yummy reminder. (I can’t wait for summer pot-luck season to start!) Thanks!

The Velveeta Olive one I remember was a creamy one, perhaps with mayonaise, and maybe cream cheese. I think I do remember peas in it, though!

Just to bring this thread some closure, my mom finally remembered the salad in question. Here’s what she had to say about it:

So it’s essentaily lumpy cold mac and cheese with olives and mayo in it! Yum! :smiley: