Recomend my mother a new printer

My mother has an Epson CX4200 inkjet printer that is having issues. I think a new printer will be the best solution, because she isn’t tech-savvy enough to solve the problems, and I live too far away to come fix things all the time.

I am looking for a reliable, all-in-one printer with photo printing capabilities. She doesn’t print too often, so it doesn’t need to be fast. It should be reasonably priced. The most important feature should be simplicity: It needs to “just work.”

I can deal with installation and invasive software “features,” and she can handle ink cartridges, but aside from that, I want something for her that won’t give her any problems.

For a start, you can take a peek at the Doper recommendations in this thread. (I can’t speak for any of them myself, as I had to use my printer money to pay for car repairs.)

Oh, thanks, I’m not sure how I missed that one in my search!

I know to stay away from Lexmark, and I have a 6 year-old HP that has worked well for me. The reviews for Canons seem to be good overall, but I am wary of the “ink sponge” issue.

I should mention that size is an issue for my mother. She wants something to fit on her desk and not take up too much room. Also, networking isn’t needed, a USB connection will be fine.

I’ve got two Cannon printers and they are both stone reliable. I have a S600 for my everyday printing (I’ve had this now for what 6 years?) and then for Christmas 05 I got a IP6700 photo / regular printer.
Both work great.

I’m a mother, not very technical, and I’ve been really pleased with the HP2410 xi photosmart all-in-one that my son bought for me a few years back. It’s very user-friendly. I learn by pushing buttons to see what happens, and so far I haven’t done any damage to it.

The trickiest thing about these printers is changing the cartridges. Well, not really “tricky”, but when you snap them into place, you might think you’re pushing too hard. I was sure I was going to break something.

If she’s going to print photo’s then I would definately get a printer with individual ink colors and then look at the cost per page. I haven’t purchased one in a couple of years but I’ve been impressed by the HP’s of late because of their layout. Everything was easy to get to.

Some of the features to consider: hinged covers that allow copying from books, wireless operation, printing on CD’s, archival quality of ink, card readers for camera memory and a visual display to allow direct printing.

My main concern would be cost per page. They practically give away printers these days. They’re hoping you’ll buy theirs because they want to sell you ink cartridges.

I think the HP C5280 is our best bet. $20 off plus free shipping from makes it much cheaper then anywhere else.

However, I am curious about the use of the gray ink and photo ink. Do I put all 8 colors of ink in at once? Does the printer automatically use the best ink for the job?

If you can, try a laser printer. The prices on even color lasers have come down quite a bit. I assume the color ones are using toner, not ink, and that drops the overall cost a lot.

No, the new color injets are cheaper to use and the print quality is way beyond anything a laser can do for photography. Times have changed with printers.

The only downside is speed. Inkjets claim 35 ppm but it’s bull. They’re more like 10 or 11 ppm (which isn’t bad). My old laserjet prints at 8 ppm.

You’re going to have to read the manual as to which black cartridge to use. I think the 5280 is a great all around printer and she should be very happy with it.