Recommed for me a good, recent, real time strategy VG.

Baically that’s it. I’m looking for something along the lines of Command & Conquer, Total Anihilation or Age of Empires II. I would prefer modern or futuristic weapons to Midevil. What’s good these days?

Rabid_Squirrel’s Worldwind Tour of Today’s RTS Games. I’ve played all four, but none of the three expansion packs. Well, your choices are:

C&C Generals - 3D engine, shadows, lighting, yada, yada, yada - v. pretty though. The expansion pack is (apparently) pretty good and adds quite a bit. Sides are interesting and genuinely differ from each other (unlike previous C&C games). Fun to play an dlots of carnage all round.

Rise of Nations: Along the lines of Age of Empires 2. Goes until the modern age. Less unit variety, but argueably better gameplay. Tech-tree is good and the Empire bonuses can dramatically change your tactics. No siege warfare though :frowning:

Warcraft 3: A smaller unit cap means more micromangement. Expect to control typically 20-50 units, excluding workers. Expansion pack is typical Blizzard quality. I miss controlling hordes (a-la Starcraft), but the micro can be fun in the larger pitched battles. Oh, and you can level up your ‘heros’ too.

Age of Mythology: Good unit variety and game balancing, but it never stood out for me (personal opinion, of course). A nice expansion pack is available.

You could nip off to Gamespy or IGN for reviews.

Homeworld 2 kicks ass.

Rise of Nations *****
excellant blend of real time and turn based strategy. Good choice overall.

Homeworld2 (3d space combat) ***
is absolutly gorgeous and has its momements but over all isnt as deep as other games Ive placed.

Empire Earth: ****
Great range of eras from ancient to futuristic (Pseudo space combat with the expansion) excellant choice IMO

Empires: Rise of Nations ???
just went gold should be a winner! Looking forward to this game. castle age to WW2 technology and great looking 3d graphics.

That last one should be ‘Empires: Dawn of the Modern World’. It covers about a 1000 years of warfare, and most of the units have different special abilities, ala Warcraft 3.

I personally like Rise of Nations a lot, and I don’t like most RTS games after the first couple of hours. Rise of Nations covers from ancient times to modern times (actually there are a few future techs to research which speed up the game at the end), and it has a lot of concepts from turn-based strategy games that haven’t been seen much (if at all) in RTS games, like national borders, attrition, etc.

I play all the games listed above but for some reason I think the new Command & Conquer Generals (with Xpack) would fit the bill. Simple gameplay with very complex strategies. Sometimes I feel more strategic playing that than I do Rise of Nations. Generals has US, China, and the GLA (terrorsits). It’s very current and the sides play very differently. The weapons are modern plus a generation or two ahead as well. For instance the US has humvees, paladin tanks, raptors, comanches, and stealth bombers, but it also has the aurora bomber, a particle cannon, and the xpack has a microwave tank. Very cool stuff, I highly recommend picking it up. The expansion pack has more sp gameplay than the original. My favorite unit? - China’s Black Lotus, the stealth super-hacker chick who powers-down or converts buildings and hacks cash. Fun!

I never liked C&C or Age of . so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Homeworld 2 it’s really fun and engaging. But still way to trigger bound. I’ve managed to break two different missions by doing things slightly wrong which can be annoying. And I think the graphics/gameplay aren’t that big of a step up from the orginal (and it’s expansion pack) I’d say it is about a B- of a game

Warcraft III mmmm gaming goodness. Great story. I loved the fact I could actually use spells without having to go insane clicking everything. An A of a game.

Most of the above games are tactical rather than strategic games. The “Total War” series has strategic elements but for a true strategic game play “Europa Universalis II” or “Hearts of Iron”

What about online multiplayer support? AOE sucked vs the PC but the best part was the multi-player games online.

There always seems to be a large contingency of bitching about MP RTS games. I’ve never had a problem with Rise of Nations or Generals.