Recommend a bike

At some point in the future, once we figure out the finances and such, I would like to get a motorcycle for solo commuting. Better on gas, don’t need to carry a passenger, and I work kinda strange hours. That way my wife can have the car for her and the baby, and I don’t have to pedal my way to work. Which will be very nice when we move away from here and I no longer have a nice 3 mile ride every day, but something signifigantly longer and unbikeable. It would be something new or newish, I don’t care whether crotch rocket or cruiser, just want to know what people like for bikes, and what makes a decent little commuter.

Speaking as someone who rides his Honda on his 30-mile commute, I certainly think you have the right idea. Fast, economical and way fun.

As for the bike, it very much depends on what (if anything) you’ve swung a leg over before. I was told (and has told countless others) to buy 2ndhand Japanese “standard” for the first bike.

I have a soft spot for two nifty little Suzuki numbers, myself: I owned a Bandit 600 (no longer sold, so only available 2ndhand) for 3 years, and it was just fun, reliable as all out and didn’t do a thing wrong. Somewhat more updated is the SV650 - it’s a blast to ride and an absolute steal at the price.

Do spend some money on good rider protection, and in particular, take the darn MSF course! Oh, and have fun.