Recommend a book for my wife

MrsB likes to take it very easy when reading on vacation. It’s a break from the medical textbooks and research papers.

She likes chicklit: Polly Williams, Kim Gruenenfelder, Lauren Weisberger, Risa Green, Emma McLauglin, etc…

Does anyone have any suggestions for something I can pick up on her behalf to read on a vacation?

Many thanks in advance.

Replay by Ken Grimwood?

I’ve read that, although I had forgotten the title.

Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane. Unfortunately, the synopsis is very short. I can tell you that I adored this book, and after I read it, Kim Gruenenfelder popped up in my list of Amazon recommendations, and there are some similarities in their writing styles.

This thread may be of interest. My first post is #44:

My wife really liked Elizabeth Gilbert’s, “Eat, Pray, Love,” and couldn’t give two hoots about Oprah’s endorsement. Liked the movie, too.

I’ll second this one. Well, the book part – I didn’t enjoy the movie. Eat, Pray, Love didn’t get the greatest reviews, but the fact that it was on the NYT bestseller list for 199 weeks and made into a movie should give you some idea of just how bad it ISN’T. Though the book is popular enough that I wonder if your wife has read it already.

As always, Outlander.

Anything by Cathy Lamb:

Henry’s Sisters
Julia’s Chocolates
Such a Pretty Face
A Different Kind of Normal

You laugh and get teary eyed when reading her books. Some of the characters are hilarious. Just great stories!

Karen Robards books are fun. She does historical and suspense with love affairs.

While I love the show, I haven’t been able to interest DrMrsB in it.
Although my parents have the books so I’m planning to swipe them at some point in the future

I enjoyed Wedding Girl, by Stacey Ballis.