Recommend a credit card protection plan

We want to protect our credit cards, so that if one card or a wallet-full gets lost,
we can report the fact to one phone number where a stopper will be placed on the relevant card(s).

There seem to be a lot of hinky such companies out there, so obviously. we’re looking for a legitimate outfit - one you’ve had confidence in over the years.

The Federal Trade Commission says don’t bother. You can do it all yourself by becoming informed.

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FWIW, there are decent companies out there. You are paying for a convenience you can do yourself at a cost of a couple of hours of research and having a simple cheat sheet with all the phone numbers.

Wow! I’ll look into it, Duckster. Thank you very much!!

Just write the 800 number that appears on every credit card you have and put it on a file on your computer. You’re wallet gets stolen you call. It takes like 15 minutes even if you have a lot of cards.

I got my wallet stolen twice, both times I reported it within an hour but whoever took it charged the cards up. Of course it was at places where you didn’t need to sign or on the Internet.

The sad part was the charges were made long after I reported the cards stolen.

Anyway I didn’t pay one charge, both times whoever stole the wallet charged well over $2,000.

No big deal, you call it in stolen and I just had to send a copy of the police report to the credit card company and they reversed the charges off.