Recommend a free antivirus program

It’s not for me, but for a very cash-poor friend. She’s got a 4-year-old computer that I volunteered to format for her, as it’s been crashing on her a lot. She had been having problems with her old copy of Norton, so she bought an upgrade version, but mistakenly got one that wants 32 MB RAM, and she has only 28 MB. She’s already spent more than she can afford on trying to get this computer usable, so upgrading the RAM does not look attractive to her. I’d like to get it going for her as is, at least in the short run, as she’d like to start using it for her new business.

I see on that there are several freeware AV programs available, some with virus updates available. Anyone have experience with these? Can you recommend one for my friend?

Much thanks for any helpful advice. My friend could really use a break. If I could afford it I’d just buy her a new computer, but I’m pretty broke myself.

Whoops, forgot some info. She’s running Win98 SE, 4 GB HD (plenty of free space). If I’ve forgotten something important, please let me know.

I’ve been using AVG Antivirus from Grisoft (site here). It’s compatible with WIN98, though it doesn’t say anything about other requirements. Very nice program - scans both ways, totally free, free updates, and they don’t spam you either. Highly recomended.

F-Prot for DOS. Its free, works great, and is updated. It will only get rid fo viruses you already have though, won’t defend your PC from them in the first place.

Get it from Make sure to get the DOS version, the Windows one is crappy and is only a demo. The DOS one works fine in windows.

galen – I did see that one, and was looking at it as an option. Seems to have pretty good reviews. Another friend and I have found someone who may be able to get my friend some RAM, so that’s another option.

mblackwell – Interesting idea, but my friend is more concerned about protecting from incoming viruses. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Use avg antivirus. I agree it is excellent freeware and download sig files available regulary

Scarlett67 I rebuild old computers on the side and have many old spare parts that just aren’t usable by todays standards, I will be more than happy to send you a 32 or 64 meg chip if you would like. You can reach me through []this link
Clever Hans: More me than I oughta be.

Sorry to double post but, if you don’t mind it being sent thru the regular mail then there will be no charge whatsoever to yourself or your friend.

Hans, thank you very much for that generous offer. I think my friend’s friend’s brother may be able to get her some secondhand RAM, but if not I will keep you in mind.

Wow. Amazing how many people are willing to do such nice things for strangers. I’m sure my friend would thank you too.

Another vote for AVG.

You can get a free virus scan via the web at http:\ . Found 5 infected files that my Norton didn’t pick up on and it had just been updated the day before.

'nother vote for AVG.

      • Consider loading Mozilla having her use it for mail and browsing instead of the bugsy twins, IE and Outlook. - DougC
  • I was curious to see what it would say as I had/ran no virus program myself. I first tried with Mozilla.099, which drew a blank, but the page said I didn’t have the updated JRE, so I did that- the old JRE was in a folder named 1.3.1 and the new one installed into a folder inside that one, named 1.3.1_02. It still didn’t go, but the site says it only works with Netscape and IE. So I went back with Netscape 6, it downloaded & installed a “Housekeeping” or some-such program, and still, nothing happened. I finally tried with IE6, which downloaded the files differently (by a CAB file instead of a regular executable). The virus scan worked, but afterwards, Mozilla.098, Mozilla.099 and Netscape 6 didn’t. I went to the control panel and disabled the “updated” JRE and made sure the older one was enabled, but no difference. I went and re-set the registry keys to point to the older JRE instead of the newer one, but still, no difference. I tried uninstalling the Housekeeping program. No difference. All three affected browsers, even though they are installed in different locations, start up slow and hang before they even completely appear.
    -And yes, they all three worked perfect up unitl this very evening; I normally use Mozilla099 for browsing, so I am certain that it was working properly beforehand.
    Hardly the end of the world, but pretty fucking annoying, anyhow.
      • Update: I cannot even get Netscape6, Mozilla098 or 099 to reinstall. Netscape6 and 098’s installer hangs halfway through, 099 doesn’t even install, it just unzips, but it still hangs when I try to run it. - DougC