Free anti-virus software recommendations, please

To cut a long story short, I’ve had to wipe my PC and reinstall everything from scratch. I’ve found replacements or original media for most software, but have lost my Norton AV CD-ROM.

Can anyone suggest a freeware replacement? Preferably not too large, since I only have a 56k dial-up connection, and compatible with Windows 98 running on a Celeron (PII-equivalent).

I’d heard InoculateIT was good, but it’s been taken over and is no longer freeware. Any other ideas?

AVG antivirus from Grisoft seems pretty good. It’s free, doesn’t spam, free updates, and seems to work well. I don’t recall how long t took, but I downloaded it when I had dial-up and I didn’t tear my hair out.

Excellent – ta very much!

I’ve used AVG since McAfee screwed me by discontinuing updates for a less-than-3-year-old version of their software. AVG caught a trojan which would’ve changed my homepage, which McAfee once FAILED to do.

I had considered replacing Norton anyway, since their update service expired. AVG seems to do what I want it to do, and hasn’t had a fit interacting with ZoneAlarm or anything else. I think I may stick with this.

Happy to be of service.