Recommend a full sized SUV to me

I’m currently eyeing the Volvo XC90. Looks pretty cool.

I want something in the $50K range or less, and am willing to go used to get there (preferably not more than a couple years). Must seat 7 and rear seating must fold completely flat.

Hyundai Palisade/Kia Telluride.

VW Atlas.

I have been researching for a couple of months, looking to replacing my aging 2007 Lexus RX. Here’s my personal take:

Japanese models continue with their reputation of reliability over European makes. That said: I love the XC90’s looks and features, and as much as I love Lexus (I’m on my third), I HATE the new styling.

If not an RX (which isn’t full-size for your purpose), the one I’m seriously considering is the Acura MDX. Not quite as “luxury” as the Lexus, but larger and peppier.

In third place are Mazda CX-9 and Subaru Outback. A cow-orker is on his third Mazda, and his 2011 CX-9 looks and rides like new. I think a review I read said something like “90% of the luxury for 70% of the price”. I also like the look of the Outback (my boss drives one), but Subaru seems to lag behind other Japanese makes in reliability (that’s my impression, at least).

IF I were to get a used XC90, I would do so through CarMax or some other shop that had good quality, affordable warranties. I’d probably do the same with any European make.

All the vehicles I’m considering are ~2015 models around $25,000.

You say used, so I’ll give you this based on my several year old experience with these trucks. I’ve rented a 2016 (or so) Chevy Suburban, a 2014 or earlier Ford Expedition XLT, and a 2015 or later Expedition XLT. They will all easily seat 7 and still have cargo space. The seats electrically fold flat, at least on the trim levels I had.

The post 2015 Ford Expedition with the twin turbo V6 was the best. It was far faster than something that size should be. The Suburban with the big V8 actually returned somewhat better economy than the Ford’s V6, but was not as powerful or as fast. The older Ford, with the V8, was acceptable, but without the economy or power of the newer engines.

I think the rear seat in the Suburban is somewhat more comfortable than the Expedition, but both are fine for three not-huge adults. Leg room in all rows is acceptable—the third row is not just for children.

Mostly I found the 2015+ Ford Expedition the best to drive. The Suburban was mostly good, but had some things which could be deal killers, such as the driver footwell being needlessly cramped. It’s a huge truck, why is the center console in my way?

I would recommend the Infiniti QX80, it is based upon the Nissan Patrol model, but higher end, and made in Japan. Has three rows and seats 7. A used one 2 years or more will meet your price point. We have a 2014 model that now has 75,000 miles on it and have never had a problem. It handles snow and ice like a champ, and drives well on the highway as well.

The Subaru Outback is out on the seating requirements, but the Subaru Ascent will work.

Mazda CX-9. The whole CX line are great vehicles.

Full-sized? Expedition. I recently took my '19 on a 9,000 mile jaunt back and forth across the USA, and I can say that it’s the most awesome vehicle I’ve ever had the pleasure to drive, and I change cars frequently.

This matches my experience. I had a Suburban and ended up getting a 2017 Expedition. The Ford was much, much better than the Suburban. More power, better handling, better towing.

Two of my uncles have the Acura MDX and love them. They aren’t as big, but if you’re looking at a Volvo, you should check out the Acura.

Wow, I checked out the Telluride and I am impressed! Kia/Hyundai give you so much for a relatively small amount of money. I do have a 2015 Optima, and my only major complaint about it is you feel every pebble on the road, and hitting a pothole feels like Armageddon (worse than any other car I’ve ever owned). Wonder if the Telluride is better with that.

Oh, and just to clarify, I meant to say full size, or mid size with seven passenger capacity.