Recommend a good site to buy a monitor?

My monitor died today. Luckily, my roomate’s sister has her computer at our house. The computer is all screwed up, but the monitor works fine. I can use it for the time being, but I’m going to have to replace mine.

Can anybody recommend a good online store to buy a new monitor? I’m looking at 17 in. nothing fancy.

I’ve looked at Pricewatch already. I’ve thought about Ebay. I’ve bought other things on Ebay, but I’m kinda nervous about purchasing computer stuff there. Any comments on that would be appreciated as well.

Ebay is where I bought my first monitor, and now (three years later) that it is dying, Ebay is where I will likely buy my next one.

Thanks Maud’Dib, I think I might start looking there as well.

You might want to consider a refurbished monitor from Viewsonic – check at

They frequently have large monitors at great prices – last time I checked they had a 19" Flat 1600x1200 monitor for $210.

Microcenter has 17" monitors from $119. has gently (and not so gently) worn 17" monitors from about $60.

While you don’t buy things here it helps you shop for price.

Just make certain you have a permit… I keep ordering monitor lizards and they keep getting stopped at the border, too bad, 'cause I have recipes!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot everyone. I’ve never bought hardware online before and I had no idea where to start.

A monitor is really something you want to buy in person so you can see how it looks. Youre going to be looking at it for three years…& if you buy mail order, returning it is expensive for postage.

I would have to agree with handy. I like to look at the monitor before I buy it as well. Shipping one of these might be expensive and cancel any price advantage you might find online but I would check with Dell and Newegg. Dell offers free shipping on certain items and Newegg just has overall good prices. I stay away from Ebay as their prices are never that good.
Links Dell and Newegg

Depends on the product, I’ve seen some items way overpriced but there are some great deals there too. I purchased a new Athlon 1800 computer via eBay a couple of months ago, cost me $350 ($410 with shipping). Those people must be selling at a huge volume to get the price so low, either that or they’re losing quite a bit on each sale.