Recommend a good toaster oven?

We just bought a Kenmore toaster oven, recommended by Consumer Reports. There aren’t enough rolly-eye smileys in the world to convey how much this oven sucks and how annoyed we are at CR for the lousy recommendation. Anyone have a toaster oven that (1) makes toast in less than an hour, (2) bakes or broils without requiring that the oven door be kept ajar during the cooking. (Yes, the Kenmore needs to be kept open. Weird.)

I have this baby!

Cons: (1) It’s HUGE! (2) It’s pricey (I got it as a gift).

Pros: (1) I haven’t used my regular oven in over a year. This thing can do anything - toast, convect, cook, bake, broil, etc. It probably slices and dices, but I haven’t figured out how to make it do that yet.

I love this thing and I can’t recommend it enough. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a regular ol’ toaster oven - maybe you should go with one made by Hamilton Beach. I’m pretty sold on their brand after using mine.

So that’s a thought.

The Doctor

If you want something that does more than just a few slices of toast, look at a Kitchenaid or a Cuisinart. I have a Farberware toaster oven that toasts, bakes, broils and is a breadmaker. I adore it … and will cry when it dies because they don’t make them anymore. I’ll probably replace it with a Cuisinart.

Wow. A breadmaker?

I’ve been looking at a Cuisinart. So far, it’s winning. I keep hoping to find one that will also clean my house, but so far, no luck.

Yep. A breadmaker. That makes bread in a normal loaf shape. I heart that thing. And if you find one that cleans house, email me, will ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doctor - Is that a toaster as well as a convection oven? The description doesn’t mention toast. Also, does it plud directly into your TARDIS power source? :stuck_out_tongue:


It works just like a regular toaster oven. Basically there are three dials — There’s a dial to turn it on/set the timer. There’s a dial that sets the temperature. And there’s a dial to tell it how to cook.

If you leave it on “bake” then it operates just like a regular toaster oven - coil heats up quickly, and gives off nice even heat. Throw your toast in there and pull it out in a minute or so.

You can flip the switch to “convection”, although I don’t use it that much. I don’t have anything against it, I’ve just never taken the time to learn how to cook a la convection.

For the complete-minded — there are also settings for “broil” and “rotisserie.” I use the broil every now and again, and haven’t yet tried the rotisserie.

I’ll explain later. :smiley:

I recently got the Toastastion at Target and I’m digging it. Toasts like a toaster with the normal slots in the top, or you open the front and use it like a regular ol’ toaster oven. That one lists for $39.99 but when I bought mine the cool colored ones were that price, the plain boring black and stainless one was marked down to $29.99. The website’s showing them both for forty, so maybe it was an in-store sale only.

The best I’ve ever had is the Cuisinart TOB-165. It’s also available in black & chrome. I paid about $150 for mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

My Black & Decker Toast R Oven has been a reliable servant for more than a decade.

I have a T-Fal Avante Elite (yeah, those french like to be descriptive) Toaster Oven. Bought it based on recommendations from

It toasts, it broils, and it does convection baking. It has a warming area on the top that you can use to warm your buns or whatever. It is also kinda modernish looking, not just a box with a window like so many others.

I like it, and I got it from for 79.99

Thanks for the replies.

That’s really cool. Have you used the oven feature? Is it any good?

That’s the one I’ve been looking at. But I’m trying to justify spendng that much. Have you had it long? Is it really worth the price?

Mine died, but it had some problems even before that–the door broke, the toast was uneven, and it was kind of small. What model do you have?

crazyjoe: That T-Fal looks amazing, like it should be standard equipment on all future spaceships. I shall have to investigate.

The classic one that you can hang under a cabinet.

Yep, we use it often, it’s pretty much replaced the microwave as the principle re-heater of pizza and cooking things like hot pockets or pot pies. Many things seem to taste better done in the oven than the nuker, but before I’d sacrifice better taste for the time savings and not heating up the entire kitchen with the big oven.

The only thing I’ve tried that didn’t work in it was baking some Grands style biscuits, they were too tall and close enough to the heating element that the tops quickly burned. I’ve baked cinnamon rolls that were shorter and they were fine, just gotta watch the height of stuff.

Great li’l toaster oven for the prices, says I!