Recommend a keyboard for my Palm Zire 72

So, I’ve got this Palm Zire 72 that I use for various purposes, but one thing I have not been able to find for it is a keyboard that connects directly to it. Every keyboard I’ve seen for the current generation of Palms is designed for the “Universal Palm Connector” which my fairly new palm pilot (got it last christmas) notably lacks (it instead has a digicam-style miniature USB socket).

I tried a Targus IR wireless keyboard (because the previous Targus keyboard I had used was rock-solid and reliable) and found it to be flimsy, finicky, and nigh-worthless for actually typing on as it was prone to typos and missing typed input entirely.

So anyhow, my room mate has suggested that I might look into a Bluetooth keyboard. So can anyone recommend me a good, affordable portable keyboard (either Bluetooth or with that mini USB connector) that I can use on my Palm Zire 72? Preferably I would like it to be less than $60 or $70 (what I paid for the Targus IR keyboard)?

I don’t normally bump my own stuff, but I would really like to know if anyone has any suggestions here.