Recommend a movie, a drink, and some crunchy meat

I am going to spend a quiet evening at home with my girlfriend this evening, doing nothing more than watching a movie, getting liqoured up, and eating some sort of fried or crunchy meat. However, since my tastes seem to lean a bit towards the boring and mundane, I was hoping that some of you could recommend a good movie, a good drink, and some sort of tasty meat.

We want to watch a funny, lighthearted movie, but none of the new releases at Blockbuster look too great. So, suggest some funny movies that can be enjoyed while getting liqoured up.

For a drink, I usually choose some sort of beer. I like beer, nay, I love beer…however my girlfriend is not nearly as fond of it as I am. So, if you would be so kind, please suggest some sort of mixed drink or cocktail that you enjoy drinking during those lighthearted social times.

Lastly, I am craving some sort of meat. I seem to be drawing a blank when it comes to what to eat for a movie/liqour fest. My first thought was a bucket of chicken, or perhaps some fried beefy cheese logs on a stick…however, these ideas also seems a little too common. So, please suggest some sort of tasty meat product. Something that can be picked up at a restaurant, or something easily made at home would be great!

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

Bedazzled or one of the early Pink Panther movies, ginantonic, and Chinese Orange Beef.

You have a deep fryer? You can make your own chicken wings [drop 12 in the fryer and fry for 11 minutes. Have a few tablespoons of butter melted in a tupeprware-oid container mixed with some tabasco sauce, when the wings are done, put in container, seal lid and shake real good. You can adjust the heat of the sauce to suit yourself. There are also some commercially available wing sauces in teh store.]

Buy a bag of mixed broccoli/cauliflower florettes and thaw, pat dry with paper towels. Get some tempyra batter mix and follow the directions. You can also fry dried off artichoke hearts or cut up pieces of cubed steak, small marinated mushrooms…all sorts of nice things to crunch upon

In your freezer section are all sorts of nifty fryable things from mozarella sticks, stuffed jalapenos, chicken wiings, nuggets, battered veggies, spring rolls and taquitos=)

Garden State, amaretto sours, and pork tenderloin.

Amaretto sours sound good…perhaps a whiskey sour might be a bit more to my liking. Seems like any occasion is a good time for a sour drink.

I am also fascinated by the idea of a deep fryer. We do not have one, but the idea of tossing chunks of cube steak into one and then crunching away on them is almost too much to pass up. Perhaps I can stop by Wal-Mart on my way home from work…

d_redguy and I watched Elf the other night and found it to be witty and charmingly funny. A Knight’s Tale might be the kind of thing you’re in for too. As far as crunchy meat goes- Sesame Chicken, if done right, would fit the bill. For drinks- Fuzzy Navels are easy to make at home.

I dunno. I’m feelin Run Ronnie Run!, Jack and Ginger, and corn dogs.

Collateral, Rum and Diet Dr. Pepper, and some Chicken Wings (breaded, mind you, preferrably Fricker’s BBQ Killers.

Blazing Saddles, margaritas, and take-out bulgogi.
I’m jealous. I’m watching my man play X-box while editing a chapter draft, drinking cheap red wine we swiped from the in-laws who are out of town, and had mac and cheese for dinner. Enjoy yourself.

I figured I’d throw in the recipe for my favorite cocktail of the past year–The “Apple Pie” Martini:

1 part Berentzen Apfel Korn (a German Apple Schnapps-like liquor)
1 part Vanilla Vodka
1 part Apple cider (or juice)

Shake with ice, pour into a glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar.

The Apfel Korn is pricey, but ever-so-worth it. I’ve made these for a few parties I’ve gone to, and these disappear.

I hope you mean the Cook-Moore Bedazzled.

Unkempt’s criteria negated my suggestion- ERASERHEAD and cornish hens (the drink is irrelevant). :smiley:

The Big Lebowski is the first correct answer. Apple pie martinis are the second correct answer.

As for the meat, I’m vegetarian commie hippie scum. Your guess is as good as mine.

Well, right now we’re going to be watching The Magnificent Seven. Popeyes chicken is on the way. And I’ll be washing it all down with a 20oz coke. At work. :cool:

Note that The Magnificent Seven isn’t really funny, or lighthearted.

Pft. Amateur. Add in an afternoon nap and that describes pretty much every day at my job.

Szechuan Dry Fried Beef (not too hot).