Recommend a Place To Go Over Christmas and New Year's

Because of the way the holidays fall this year, I’m taking vacation over Christmas and New Year’s. I have no idea where to go, however. Ideally, it would be somewhere reasonably priced (ie. not Hawaii) and not ‘dead’ over the holidays, the way most places in the US are. I would even consider spending Christmas in one place and New Year’s in another, if they were drive-ably close or I could get a multi-destination flight, which is a distinct possibility, given the central location of my home. I’ve got a passport, so overseas is a possibility. Thanks.

San Antonio. The wife and I spent New Year’s there a few years ago and had a blast. Gained 5 lbs. from all the great food as well.

NYC is lovely that time of year- that’s when we go.

First Night Boston is popular and a lot of fun - music, street performers, light shows, ice sculptures, etc. on Boston Common, Copley Square and several closed off streets, and fireworks at midnight. And all the usual sightseeing stuff in the city during the day - historic sites, museums etc.

I suppose hotels right downtown might be expensive, but you could get a motel somewhere outside town along the commuter rail routes - they run after midnight on New Years Eve.

Christmas at Disneyland in Anaheim. For the whole holiday season, the park is all holidayed up and absolutely gorgeous. Catch a Lakers or Clippers game while in LA, then head east to Vegas. New Year’s Eve in Vegas is a hoot and a half! At midnight on the Strip, they shoot off fireworks from the roofs of several casinos at once. Fremont Street has several bands playing all up and down the street, but that’s about $40-50 admission (which is pretty cheap compared to the prices of most of the other things going on around town). Hotels are pricey on New Year’s, though I figure they’ll be expensive no matter where you go.

Because of the economy, Phoenix might be an option. Normally, that is the peak of the busy season. While hotels might not be cheap, they’ll probably be discounting like crazy this year. Phoenix tends to draw a less affluent snowbird than Florida and Hawaii, so I imagine the hotels will have to discount more this year than they’d like.

Las Vegas is also close if you want to make it a 2 city trip. Cheap flights are available between the two cities.

I’m hesitant to offer the idea because it is an “over-destination”, but a trip to Florida’s suncoast is ideal for your parameters. Water, Sun, Sand and plenty to do, plenty of people, interesting times. The Pirate and Explorer Coast as I am coining it.

As far as the economy of the suncoast, if you book early you can get a deal into smaller suncoast airports and Tampa, you can also book a decent Hotel, for example in Sarasota, ahead of time… You can even visit Seaorg HQ while you’re there. Sarasota is really quite nice. Cost of living…It’s much cheaper than America’s East Coast (NE) or West Coast (Cali), relatively. I like to call it the Toronto of Florida…

san antonio on the riverwalk–we’ll probably drive up there this year for the holidays.

DON’T come to Las Vegas for New Year’s, unless you have a ton of money and like to be in the midst of a sea of drunks on the street. Room prices skyrocket that weekend and it is ridiculously crowded - they won’t even let you into some casinos that night unless you show your room key from that hotel/casino!

Now, should you decide to come the week BEFORE Christmas, you can get smokin’ deals on rooms (everybody is busy planning the holidays at home and waiting for Grandma’s check to clear before heading to Vegas). Room rates generally are very low that week. It won’t be “dead”, but you will not have to wait in many long lines for the best buffets, and might even get tickets for some hot shows if they didn’t go dark that week.